Saturday, December 28, 2013

Albania - One Night's Anger - Hersi Matmuja

Promo image from Hersi's Facebook
15 - 22 pts in semi 1
Herciana (Hersi) Matmuja won the 52nd Festivali i Këngës in Albania with the song Zemërimi I Një Natë (Anger of the night).
The song is written by Jorgo Papingji and Genti Lako.
For Eurovision an English version with a new arrangement is recorded. The Eurovision version is titled One Night's Anger.
Watch and listen here at the official Youtube channel
A promo set with cdsingle and DVD is issued. According to the inner sleeve it includes
CD :
- Zemërimi I Një Natë - original Albanian 3:33
- One Night's Anger - Instrumental 3:00
- One Night's Anger - Karaoke 3:00
- One Night's Anger - Official 3:00
- One Night's Anger - Unplugged 3:03
One Night's Anger - Video
and the 5 same songs.
But in fact both discs have the five songs in mp3 (192) format and no video is included.

One Night's Anger - Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD
Zemërimi I Një Natë - original Albanian
- promo cds
One Nights Anger - First English version, slightly different intro
- video clip.
One Night's Anger - Unplugged 3:03
One Night's Anger - Instrumental 3:00
- unplugged and instrumental on promo cds
One Night's Anger - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release, promo

pic from TVSH 
Zemërimi I Një Natë is the fourth Festivali i Këngës entry for the singer:
Last year Hersi ended third in the Albanian competition with Kush Ta Dha Këtë Emër (Who gave you this name).
In December 2010 she participated with Me Cilin Rri Ti Dashuri (Stay with the one you love) and finished 11th.
In 2006 Ah Jetë, Oh Jetë (Ah life, Oh life) ended 10th in the FiK final.

More Albania
Hairy Rockers Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko failed to reach the final in 2013, but 2012 saw the best result for Albania ever: Rona Nishliu took her stunning Suus to the 5th spot in the final.
Festivali I Këngës veteran Aurela Gaçe got stuck in the Eurovision semi in 2011 but both Juliana Pasha (16th in 2010) and Kejsi Tola (17th in 2009) made it to the final.

Links and sources
Herciana's FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to Elona Malosmani at RTSH.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ukraine - Tick Tock - Mariya Yaremchuk

Promo cds
6 - 113 pts / 5 - 118 pts in semi 1
Mariya Yaremchuk (Мария Яремчук) has won the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2014 with the song Tick Tock.
You can listen here.
A new version was recorded for Eurovision.
Listen and watch the new version here at the official Youtube channel. The song is also out on iTunes, Amazon and other digital sources.
Tick Tock is written by Maria herself with some lyrical help by Sandra Bjurman.

Digital release image
Tick Tock - Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen CD
Tick Tock - Original version
- websites
Tick Tock - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
A version with a different arrangement from the two above has been performed live.

1 track promo
CPH promo pack
A promo disc (cdrom) has audio, video and press info, it seems there are at least three different issues.
The first issue has a white disc and the hat sleeve and includes Tick Tock (wave file), videoclip, biography and photos.
The second issue has a black disc and the same sleeve.
The third one comes in circular picture sleeve and was used in Copenhagen.
More details wanted

Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 42, -
U.K. top 200: 190, -

More Ukraine
Giant Igor Vovkovinskiy carried Zlata Ognevich onto the Malmö stage. Her Gravity ended third.
Gaitana didn't fare as well, Be My Guest ended 15th in the final. Mika Newton ended 4th with a little help from sandlady Kseniya Simonova. Sweet People by Alyosha ended 10th in 2010.
Can't believe it's already five years ago since Anti Crisis Girl Svetlana Lobodo paraded her Hell Machine onto the Moscow stage. You'd think the crisis would be over by now.

links and sources:
Maria Yaremchuk WebsiteFB (new) and VK
Thanks to Jean-François.