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Italy - Empress Emma Marone and her city, promo info, E-Live CD, 2016 limited edition album with new live version. 2021 Best Of Me re-recording
Montenegro - Sergej Ćetković, promo info, album update
Norway - 8th place Carl Espen wins MGP, order CDsingle, updates. Remix. SuRie 2020 coverversion EP.
Austria - Conchita Wins Eurovision 2014, Updates, CDsingle . #1 hit, 24 Austrian hits history. DMC remix out now, 2015: Conchita, the album, Japan release. 2018 Symphonic release
Poland - Donatan Cleo My Słowianie, Boobs, remixes out now, Boobs, New version Slavica. Coverversions not to be missed. Hiper Chimera album, versions updated (2017)
Netherlands - 2nd Place, Semi 1 winner. Ilse and Waylon are (were?) The Common Linnets, Album info. # 1 hit, European Charts,  cdsingles, UK promo, Deluxe album with new Waylon-free version of CATS. Finnish, Flemish, Swedish and more covers. Gronings cover update
Denmark - 9th place Ol' Cliché for Basim, what the føk? Acoustic and Clean versions, remixes update
Estonia - Tanja is Amazing, digital release update, Estonian Voices cover.
Spain - 10th place Ruth Lorenzo Dancing In The Rain, CDsingle out April 29. Belated German chart hit, Cahill remixes. Album Planeta Azul finally out in November.
Malta - Firelight is Coming Home. Backdrop Of Life album out now.
Ireland - Heartbeat by Can-linn and Kasey Smith, remixes, corrections
Latvia - Aarzemnieki has a Cake To Bake, version update
Sweden - 3rd place 7th time lucky for Sanna Nielsen. Undo my grammar, remixes, Album "7" with new acoustic version.
Romania - It's A Miracle: Paula and Ovi return, Ovi reclaims The Piano on new album, Remix kit, cdsingle
Belarus - TEO serves Cheesecake realness, versions update
CD releases of 2014, cdsingles official 2CD DVD, Artists albums, updates
Finland - Something Better by Softengine, new version, promo update
Georgia - Earth to Georgia: The Shin and Mariko Ebralidze take off (and crash), updates
Hungary - 5th place Running with Kállay-Saunders, updates
Macedonia - Spectacle: To The Sky with Tijana Dapčević, free download Serbian version Voli Me. Promos
Azerbaijan - Arson!, Dilara Kazimova starts a fire, Azerbaijani version, Remix EP, Turkish version.
Russia -  7th place Grown up juniors Shine. Russian version
Ukraine - 6th place Maria Yaremchuk, time's ticking, promo updates
Iceland Pollapönk and the technicolour t-t-t-racksuits, No Prejudice out now! Ooops. Euro Club Mix by Oggi, more versions.
France - Twin Twin grows a Moustache (not a beard)
Slovenia - Finally Flutewoman Tinkara! Versions updated, digital release 9 versions.
Moldova - Cristina's Wild Soul, versions update
Germany - Elaiza band wins ticket to CPH, early LP release, cdsingle. Dance cover.
Israel - Mei Finegold's Same heart, update
Armenia - 4th place Aram MP3, digital single, remix update. Actually alone on stage.
United Kingdom - Molly goes universal, signs with Warner, promo updates
Switzerland - SEBalter: Hunter Of Stars, update
Albania - Herciana Matmuja, Eurovision version presented, promo info
Greece - Rise Up!, Summer remix and Jazz version digital release
Rainmaker, Jessica Mauboy and other bits.
Portugal - Returns to Eurovision with Suzy, updates
San Marino - Valentina III, Maybe and Forse out now. Album Sensibilità out in April, promo info
Lithuania - Attention! - Vilija Matačiūnaitė, album out now!
Out Now! The 2014 Copenhagen Handbook / ESCzine.
Belgium - Eurosong CD out now, Axel takes his Mother to CPH
Absent Friends - They're no longer with us

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Italy - La Mia Città - Emma Marone

21 - 33 pts / not in semi
Emma Marone represented Italy in the Copenhagen contest.
Emma wrote the song La Mia Città herself.

promo cdsingle
Sanremo fans already know Emma from her 2011 participation with Modà: L'Arrivera ended 2nd. Sanremo 2012 was even better. Emma's Non È L'Inferno won the contest.
Emma Marone has released three multi platinum selling albums so far, the most recent being Schiena from April 2013.
In November a new edition of the album, Schiena vs. Schiena, was released featuring (mostly acoustic) reworkings of all songs and new track La Mia Città, which went on to be chosen as the Eurovision entry for 2014.

Digital release image
The song has also been released as a single through various digital outlets. (March 11, Universal Music Italia)
A 1-track promo cdsingle has been issued, it has the original longer version.

La Mia Città - Eurovision edit
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD
La Mia Città - Original / single version
- on CD Schiena vs. Schiena and 1-track promo
La Mia Città - Live in Verona 2014
- on CD and DVD E-Live
La Mia Città - Live in Milano 2016
- on 2CD/DVD set Adesso Tour Edition, 2016 issue, limited edition
La Mia Città (2021 recording)
- on CD/2LP Best Of Me
La Mia Città - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital release)

On November 11 2014 Emma released here live CD and DVD E-Live including a live version of La Mia Città recorded in Verona. The album is out on Universal.

A special edition of Adesso, Emma's 2015 album, includes a live version of La Mia Città recorded in Milan in 2016.
The 2CD/1DVD set was released in 2016 on Universal.

The 2016 edition of Adesso

Best Of Me 2021
In 2021 Emma released a compilation album with re-recorded versions of her best known songs and a few new tracks. It includes a re-recording of La Mia Città.
Out on CD, 2LP and digital.
(UNIM1/Universal 60243836454-1 & -2 (LP))

Italy top 100: 57, 77, -
Austria top 75: 71, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 56, -

Emma's Volare
If you want to find out more about Emma's fab coverversion of Volare (Italy's 1958 entry) she recorded for the movie Benvenuti Al Nord , please check the Eurocovers Post Volare in the 10s

More Italy
After a 13 year absence Italy returned to Eurovision with Raphael Gualazzi who went straight to #2 with his Madness Of Love.  Nina Zilli (2012) and San Remo winner  Marco Mengoni (2013) also made it to the top 10.

Links and sources
Emma Marone FB and Website

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Montenegro - Moj Svijet - Sergej Ćetković

19 - 37 pts / 7 - 63 pts in semi 1
Sergej Ćetković was the 6th Eurovision entrant for Montenegro as an independant country.
He's the first one to reach the final for the country
The song Moj Svijet (My world) was premiered on March 9.
The song is also recorded in English as My Love.
Watch and listen here.
Promo cds

CD Moj Svijet (2015)
A promo cd includes three versions (see below) and videoclips.

Moj Svijet was also released on the 2015 CD with the same title (under the name Sergej). (City Records CD001106)

Moj Svijet - original version in Serbian
- also on the official Copenhagen CD.
My Love - English version
Moj Svijet / My Love ft Fraser Fifield - Instrumental
- all above on promo cds
- Original and English at Sergej's Youtube
Moj Svijet (live 2020)
- 2021 2CD Arena Zagreb Sergej Live
Moj Svijet - karaoke (actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

Fraser Fifield is a Scottish multi instrumentalist who plays most of the instruments on the song. In the instrumental version the vocal parts are performed by Fifield on the flute whereas the karaoke version is basically the original recording without any vocals.

10 years ago Sergej Ćetković already had a go at Eurovision. He ended 8th in the national final of Serbia-Montenegro with the song Ne Mogu Da Ti Oprostim (I can't forgive you).

Arena Zagreb Sergej Live
In 2021 Segej releases a live 2CD and seperate Blu-Ray which includes Moj Svijet recorded live in 2020. 
The digital is out on January 29, the CD and DVD on February 12. CD and Blu-Ray are available at Croatia Records

More Montenegro
In 2013 Nina Žižić joined rappers Who See for a steaming version of their Igranka, but the song ended 12th in the semi.
Rambo Amadeus (2012) didn't make it either. His Euro-Neuro still managed to collect 20 poing in the semi though.
Montenegro's 2009 entry was Just Get Out Of My Life by Andrea Demirovic penned by Ralph Siegel. The entry also got stuck in the semi, but it gave us a fabulous Moscow Club Mix with Dschinghis Khan samples.

Links and sources
Sergej Ćetković website and FB
Thanks to Koen and to Bastiaan

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Norway - Silent Storm - Carl Espen

Digital release image
8 - 88 pts / 6 - 77 pts in semi 2
The Norwegian selection Melodi Grand Prix was won by Carl Espen (Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen) and his song Silent Storm.
The song is written by Josefin Winther, who is Carls cousin.
The song has been released through your usual digital sources (Sony Music Norway).
Listen to the song here at Sony's Youtube.

CDsingle and EPK
On Carl Espens website a cdsingle is available.
It's a 1 track and the man is named Carl E on the sleeve.
You can find it in the Merch section on Carls website where you can also shop for a hoody and a t-shirt with the black and white image also on the cdsleeve and digital release images.
The promotional issue is the usual NRK Electronic Press Kit (EPK), one disc in a DVD case.
It features the song (mp3 at 192kb) and the instrumental version (wave file), biography, lyrics and pictures and Silent Storm Video

Picture from
Rykkinnfella Remix
On May 9 a remix of Silent Storm is released. It's the Rykinnfella remix by Alexander Austheim and Jean-François spotted it first on Amazon. It's also on Spotify.

Silent Storm - Eurovision version
- cdsingle, official Copehagen 2CD, EPK
Silent Storm - Karaoke version (is instrumental)
- on official karaoke album (digital release) and EPK
Silent Storm - Rykkinnfella Remix
- digital release

2020 Coverversion
SuRie, the U.K. 2018 Eurovision star has released a version of Silent Storm on het digital EP Rye.
More on that here at Eurocovers.

Denmark top 40: 28, -
Ireland top 100: 34, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 20, -
U.K. top 100: 97, -
Germany top 100: 47, -
Switzerland top 75: 40, -
Austria top 75: 39, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 21, 49

Last year DA works records came to the rescue when no CD was going to be released, but this year it's no such luck. The 15 songs from the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix are only released digitally (and separately).

More Norway
Alexander Rybak's Fairytale won the contest in Moscow breaking all kind of records in the process.
Home entry My Heart Is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangen didn't fair as well, ending only 20th. Even worse for Stella Mwangi in 2011, her Haba Haba didn't even make it to the final. Tooji's Stay made it to the final but ended last. Remarkable fact is that Stay was co-written by Peter 'Bassflow' Boström, who won the same contest by co-writing Loreen's Euphoria.
In 2013 Norway were back on track. The majestic I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger ended at no. 4 in the Malmö final.

Links and sources
Carl Espen FB and website
NRK Melodi Grand Prix pages
Thanks to Hmmmmm (see comments) and to Jean-François

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Congratulations Conchita, Austria wins Eurovision 2014

Conchita Wurst is the winner of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest.
EU cdsingle
It's been a while, almost 50 years, but Austria clocked up their 2nd Eurovision victory with the much talked about song Rise Like A Phoenix by the even more talked about Conchita Wurst.

1 - 290 pts / 1 - 169 pts in semi 2
Conchita Wurst (Thomas Neuwirth to his mum) was chosen to represent Austria in the Copenhagen contest already in November 2013.
The song Rise Like A Phoenix was presented on March 18 in a morning radio show at Hitradio Ö3.
RLAP is written by Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali (Alexander) Zuckowski and Julian Maas.
The music for Rise Like A Phoenix is recorded by the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra of Budapest.
Watch the video here. The song is released on iTunes and other digital sources.
A promo cds is issued including the Eurovision version and instrumental, an official cdsingle is in the shops* since the week after the contest.
(ORF Shop / Medienvertrieb Heinzelmann 9008798135646)
* In Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rise Like A Phoenix - Eurovision version
- on official Copenhagen 2CD, promo, cds
Rise Like A Phoenix - Karaoke (is actually fully instrumental)
- on official Copenhagen karaoke album (digital release), promo, cds
Rise Like A Phoenix (DJ Ivan Santana remix)
- on DJ only CD DMC Commercial Collection 377: June 2014 
Rise Like A Phoenix - With the Vienna Symphony Orchestra
- CD From Vienna With Love (2018)
Promo cds image
In June a remix of Rise Like A Phoenix surfaced on a DJ only CD released by DMC.
The 2CD DMC Commercial Collection 377: June 2014 features the DJ Ivan Santana R N B remix.
More remixes can be found, but so far this seems to be the only one getting a release of some sorts.
DMC albums are DJ only, but deep in our hearts we're all DJ's and you can find the album for sale at Juno and other webshops.
DMC website
2015: Conchita The album
On May 15 2015 Conchita Wurst finally releases her debut album. Initial tracklists (iTunes!) did not include Rise Like A Phoenix but it seems that it will be on the CD after all.
The album also includes follow up singles Heroes and You Are Unstoppable.
There will be a regular CD release and a limited edition digipack issue. And of course the album will be available through your favorite digital stores.
See full tracklist below (Sony Music Austria 0888750538123 &  0888750538423 (digipack sleeve)
The album is also released in Russia (Sony Music Russia  0888751226326) and Australia (Sony Music Australia)
The digital release features two bonus tracks.


Conchita, the album is released in Japan on July 1st. The CD includes 4 extra remixes of You Are Unstoppable. (Sony Music Japan SICP 4462). See tracklist below

October 2018 sees the release of the album From Vienna With Love, 12 tracks recorded with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
The album includes a new version of Rise Like A Phoenix as well as evergreens like The Sound Of Music, All By Myself and The Way We Were.
Sony Music, out on 19 October)

Rise Like A Phoenix enters the Austrian top 75 at 51 (April 4) but falls out the following week. Conchita re-enters the charts at #35 (published on May 16)* and goes to #1 after the victory (charts published 23-5).

Austria top 75: [1-16]: 51, -, 35*, 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 21, 24, 32, 41, 38, 52, 42, 58, 61, -
Denmark top 40: [6-2]: 6, 10, -
Belgium (Flemish charts): [8-4]: 8, 9, 45, 49, -
Belgium (Walloon charts): [19-2]: 19, 21, -
Ireland top 100: [10-2]:10, 47, -
Spain top 50: [8-3]: 17, 8, 41, -
Netherlands sales top 100: [3-2]: 3, 64, -
Sweden top 60: [27-2]: 27, 56, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): [2-4]:2, 2, 19, 23, -
- The official charts in Sweden have gone crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart. 
France top 200: [39-3]: 44, 39, 168, -
U.K. top 100: [17-2]: 17, 64, -
Germany top 100: [5-4]: 5, 38, 57, 55, -
Switzerland top 75: [2-4]: 2, 21, 44, 50, -
* includes sales up to friday before the final

That's What I Am
The singer already participated in the Austrian selection for the 2012 contest. The song That's What I Am ended up in the 2-song superfinal but lost out 49/51 to Trackshittaz Woki Mit Deim Popo.

Conchita's career took off in 2006 after a second place in talent show Starmania, finishing behind Nadine Beiler.
Debut single Unbreakable was a # 32 hit in the Austrian charts in 2011. NF song That's What I Am did even better reaching #12.

The songwriters
Charlie Mason already gave us L 'Amore È Femmina, the Italian 2012 entry by Nina Zilli.
Ali Zuckovski co-wrote and produced Hurt Lovers, the follow up single from Blue after their Eurovision hit I Can. He also wrote for MarieMarie and Betty Dittrich, both German National Final stars.
Julian Maas is a composer of musical scores for TV and film including several episodes of Tatort.

The yearly Kiddy Contest doesn't let us down. The Kiddy Contest vol 20 features a German language version of Phoenix titled Traume Sind Kino performed by Estelle Lath. (Sony 88843048942).

There's talent shows in Italy too, and Laura Fantauzzo performed RLAP at Giovani Talenti.
The album with young talents is released digitally through Top Records (November 17)

Another Italian singer is Antonio Cusimano who has RLAP as the second track to his digital single Tra Tegole E Cielo. (Out through Bao Bello music)

Some more: One bleepy  instrumental version ended up on a collection called Minecraft Note Block 
Songs 2 (No, I'm clueless). Another one with a heavy Spanish accent can be found on a 
compilation called Orquesta Television: Orquestas De Galicia.

Acapella septet Piccanto recorded a coverversion of I Am Yours for their album Seven. (Ariola).
The CD also includes a coverversion of Rise Like A Phoenix.
Piccanto are the winners of the Choir version of Die Grosse Chance, a talent show from Austrian TV.

Piccanto FB

There's some even trashier covers too. Even though they are released under different artists names, 
several are the same recording: Michael Green Ostin, Look up to the billboard, Mix factor, Singers Edge,
DJ Carlo showcase, Music Blits, Eurosingers, MacKo, The Bearded Ladies. Sigh....

The Hits In Austria
After a hesitant start, the victory propelled Rise Like A Phoenix to #1 of the Austrian charts.
Udo Jürgens' 1966 winner only made it to #2. Conchita's is the 5th Eurovision entry to go #1 in Austria.
Here's a list of the hits for Austria in the home charts. (Highest/Weeks on chart)
1976 - My Little World / Meine Kleine Welt - Waterloo and Robinson (1/20)
2014 - Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst (1/16)
1989 - Nur Ein Lied - Thomas Forstner (1/14)
1982 - Sonntag - Mess (1/12)
1984 - Einfach Weg - Anita (1/10) (The only one entering the charts at #1)
2018 - Nobody But You - César Sampson (1/5)
2012 - Woki Mit Deim Popo - Trackshittaz (2/16)
2015 - I Am Yours - The Makemakes (2/15)
1966 - Merci Cherie - Udo Jürgens (2/8)
1965 - Sag Ihr Ich Lass Sie Grüssen - Udo Jürgens (4/8)
1991 - Venedig Im Regen - Thomas Forstner (5/6)
2022 - Halo - Lum!x & Pia Maria (6/16)
2003 - Weil Der Mensch Zählt - Alf Poier (7/22)
1983 - Hurricane - Westend (8/6)
2011 - The Secret Is Love - Nadine Beiler (9/14)
2007 - Get A Life, Get Alive - Eric Papilaya (9/13)
1992 - Zusammen Geh'n - Tony Wegas (9/8)
1977 - Boom Boom Boomerang - Schmetterlinge (10/12)
2002 - Say A Word - Manuel Ortega (11/16)
1985 - Kinder Dieser Welt - Gary Lux (11/8)
2016 - Loin d'Ici - Zoë (13/13)
2017 - Running on air - Nathan Trent (18/2)
2005 - Y Asi - Global Kryner (23/16)
1990 - Keine Mauern mehr - Simone (23/5)
2013 - Shine - Natalia Kelly (26/3)
1988 - Lisa Mona Lisa - Wilfried (27/2)
1999 - Reflection - Bobbie Singer (30/3)
1996 - Weils D'r Guat Got - George Nussbaumer (36/1)
2004 - Du Bist - Tie-Break (44/10)
Austrian charts from Februari 1965, so we don't know the results of the very early entries (although many were never released). There also was no chart in 1972 so we don't know about the sales of 1972 entry Falter Im Wind. The other entries not in this list did not chart.

Charts range from a top monthly 10 in the 60's to the weekly top 75 that is published since 2001.
You can find all Austrian charts here at the charts portal.
For the list above some alternate sources have been used (Eurovison Collectors Guide editions 1989 to 2005)
Only four other Eurovision songs were #1 in the Austrian charts:
1967 - Puppet on a string - Sandie Shaw (UK)
1981 - Making your mind up - Bucks Fizz (UK)
1982 - Ein bisschen Frieden - Nicole (Germany)
2012 - Euphoria - Loreen (Sweden)

More Austria
Natália Kelly didn't make it to the final in 2013 with her song Shine and neither did the Trackshittaz in 2012 with their booty shaking Mühlviertel Rapfest Woki Mit Deim Popo.
A little more succes for Nadine Beiler. With her ballad The Secret Is Love Austria returned to Eurovision after a three year absence. She made it to the final and ended 18th. Beiler was the only one to make it to the Eurovision final from a semi for Austria, until Conchita came along of course.

Links and sources:
Conchita Wurst FB and website
Thanks to Jean-François and to René at Genie & Wahnsinn.

Tracklist Conchita
01. You Are Unstoppable
02. Up For Air
03. Put That Fire Out
04. Colours Of Your Love
05. Out Of Body Experience
06. Where Have All The Good Men Gone
07. Somebody To Love
08. Firestorm
09. Pure
10. Heroes
11. Rise Like A Phoenix
12. The Other Side Of Me
13. You Are Unstoppable (Phunkstar remix) (Japanese edition CD)
14. You Are Unstoppable (Drums of Death remix) (Japanese edition CD)
15. You Are Unstoppable (7th Heaven remix) (Japanese edition CD)
16. You Are Unstoppable (LTBC remix (Japanese edition CD)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Poland - My Słowianie - Donatan Cleo

14 - 62 pts / 8 - 70 pts in semi 2
Promo cds
Original digital  release 
Welcome back Poland. After a two year absence Poland returns with My Słowianie (We Slavs) by Donatan (and) Cleo (Witold Czamara and Joanna Klepko).
My Słowianie had already been around for a few months and is a huge hit in Poland, reaching no. 1 on several charts and clocking almost 40 million Youtube views by februari.
The song was officially released November 4th through Urban Records (digital release)
Watch the video here.

The English version, Slavic Girls is also released.
At the contest the song is performed in a mix of Polish and English.
The Eurovision version on the official Copehagen CD is titled My Slowianie - We Are Slavic.

Remixes are released through iTunes. Both the Jaro Dubstep remix and the Teka Trap remix have been released for the Polish and English versions.
The remixes are also on Spotify.
A new English version titled Slavica is also available on Urban rec's Youtube. Also out now on iTunes.

My Słowianie - We Are Slavic - Eurovision version in Polish/English
- on the official Copenhagen CD, promo
My Słowianie - Polish version (original 3:49)
- digital release
My Słowianie - Polish version (edit 3:10)
-  promo
Slavic Girls - English version long (3:49)
- digital release
Slavic Girls - English version edit (3:10)
- promo
My Słowianie - Jaro Dubstep remix
My Słowianie - Teka Trap remix
- both remixes in Polish on promo
Slavic Girls - Jaro Dubstep remix
Slavic Girls - Teka Trap remix
- all remixes: digital release
Slavica - Remix / Alternate version in English
- Hyper/Chimera album
Slavica - Remix / Alternate version in English (longer)
- digital release
My Słowianie - We Are Slavic - Karaoke
- on official karaoke album, digital release
My Słowianie - Instrumental edit (3:10)
- re-issue 2CD of the Hyper/Chimera album
Slavica - Intrumental
- re-issue 2CD of the Hyper/Chimera album

Video and original versions are longer mainly thanks to some farmyard animals like pigs and chickens.

A promo cdsingle in pop up sleeve features 5 versions.
My Słowianie - Polish version (edit 3:10)
Slavic Girls - English version (edit 3:10)
My Słowianie - We Are Slavic - Eurovision version in Polish/English
My Słowianie - Jaro Dubstep remix
My Słowianie - Teka Trap remix
The promo was used in Copenhagen and also given away (for one weekend) with items bought of the Slavica brand clothing and merchandise (who sell Donatan Cleo stuff)
pic from Urban records
Hiper Chimera
Donatan and Cleo have released their album Hiper/Chimera. Tracklist includes My Słowianie and Slavica and follow up singles Cicha Woda and Brać.

Tracks on Hiper/Chimera
1. Introdukcja
2. Hiper/Chimera
3. Brać (with Enej)
4. Sztorm
5. Ten Czas (with Kamil Bednarek)
6. Slavica
7. Tłusty czarny kot
8. Cicha Woda (with Sitek)
9. Cofnąć Czas (withMiuosh'
10. My Słowianie
11. Papierowy Ład
12. B.I.T (with Waldemar Kasta'
13. Nie pozwól (with Kamil Bednarek)
14. Efekt Motyla
A digital release features instrumentals of all songs including My Słowianie and Slavica.
15. Nie Lubimy Robić
16. Vinylova
A 2CD re-issue of Hiper/Chimera has two extra tracks (15 & 16) and en extra CD with instrumental versions of all 16 tracks.

V-Unit, Polish rappers, have recorded a 'parody' (Youtube here also has a free download link). It deals with a whole other set of prejudices than the Donatan Cleo version, involving testosteron and stealing wallets. And instead of boobs there's muscles. 
The track was also remixed as My Słowianie (Odpowiedź mężczyzn) and that one is released on their CD Bękarty Internetuon (also on Spotify).
V-Unit facebook

A rock'n'roll version of My Słowianie was recorded by Late Again. I don't know if it has been released officially, but here's a Youtube of the studioversion.
Late Again facebook

A highly recommended Full Growl Metal version is recorded by Sławek Wyłup and Mateusz Trojak. And if the growling is too much for you, you can also listen to the Metal version with Cleo's vocals. (Here at Youtube)
For more visit this Eurocover post.

More Poland
The last time we saw Poland Jestem by Magdalena Túl (2011) got stuck in the semi ending last. Magdalena's predecessors did a little bit better, but still didn't make it to the final. Lidia Kopania (2009) was 12th and Marcin Mrozinski (2010) was 13th.

Links and sources
Donatan and Cleo FB's
Thanks to Jean-François and to Marcin.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Netherlands - Calm After The Storm - The Common Linnets

2 - 238 pts / 1 - 150 pts in semi 1
The Netherlands were represented in Copenhagen by The Common Linnets. The Common Linnets are Ilse DeLange and Waylon, both established solo artists in their home country.
Calm After The Storm won the first semi-final held on Tuesday May 6. The 2nd place in the final is the best result for the Netherlands since the 1975 victory by Teach In in Stockholm, 39 years ago.

The duo, who know each other since childhood, had been working on a country roots album together for some time and the Eurovision entry is one of the albums tracks.
The song title Calm After The Storm was announced on March 4. The first song intruduction was on March 12, the Eurovision version was premiered on March 13.
Listen to the studio version at th'Linnets Tube
Calm After The Storm is written by Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers, Rob Crosby, Matthew Crosby and Jake Etheridge.

Single Releases
Calm After The Storm was released digitally on March 14, a 1-track cd single a week later (Universal 0602537788972).
A promo edition includes the same track and an added disc (cd-rom) with info, photos and other press material.
A 2-track cdsingle is expected in Europe on May 30, it includes Hungry Hands from the Common Linnets album as track 2. (Universal 0602537888559).
A 1 track promo (cd-r) was issued in the U.K. by Polydor.
U.K. promo
The Album
The Common Linnets album is out since May 9 (Universal 0602537800957)
A deluxe edition CD includes a DVD (Universal 0602537803897)
A week later the album was also released on LP.
The digital release is out in most territories but not in the USA. CD release is May 26 for other European countries.
The album has 13 tracks, Calm After The Storm features in a longer version with a different intro.
See below for full tracklist.
The Common Linnets album reaches platinum in the Netherlands within a week (50.000 copies sold).
The album enters the Dutch charts at #1 (not surprising with a platinum award) and also at #45 in Ireland, # 40 in the U.K., #20 in Germany, #15 in Austria, #12 in Denmark, 16 in Switzerland, 42 in Spain, 14 in Belgium (FL), 52 in Belgium (WA)
The Common Linnets Album

Common Linnets EP
A new digital EP is released on November 14. It features five acoustic versions of tracks of the Common Linnets album plus a Christmas song Christmas Around Me.
One of the Acoustic tracks is Calm After The Storm, this time recorded without Waylon.
The EP will also be included with a physical re-release of the Common Linnets album. In Germany this comes in a special sleeve with a dedication to the fans (see pic).
The German 2CD The Common Linnets (Limited Deluxe Edition) is on on Universal on November 14. (Universal 00602547072603)

The Common Linnets (Limited Deluxe Edition, Germany)

Calm After The Storm - single version
- cd single, Copenhagen CD
Calm After The Storm - album version
- on the album The Common Linnets
Calm After The Storm - Acoustic version
- on digital EP and German Deluxe edition album
Calm After The Storm - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

The Linnets enter the Dutch singles charts at #1, reportedly the day after release they outsold the # 2 by twenty times. In the week of the Eurovision semi the song exploded on the international iTunes charts and in the Dutch top 100 the song went back to #1 (from 49) in its 8th week on charts.
In the Flemish charts CATS enters at #1, the first Dutch entry to reach the top spot in any Belgian chart ever.
Netherlands sales charts top 100: [1-27]:  1, 11, 30, 36, 31, 26, 49, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 11, 16, 22, 29, 32, 41, 50, 42, 55, 56, 72, 83, 64, 91, 99, -,
Germany top 100: [3-41]: 3, 21, 20, 20, 21, 18, 13, 10, 10, 10, 12, 10, 12, 11, 15, 16, 22, 29, 29, 33, 35, 40, 43, 47, 46, 43, 41, 49. 69, 71, 62, 77, 87, 82, 56, 86, 90, - re-entry in March 97, -, 98, -, 79, 70
Austria top 75: [2-34]: 45, 3, 5, 2, 2, 2, 4, 3, 4, 7, 8, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16, 17, 17, 21, 23, 29, 30, 36, 40, 40, 44, 46, 22, 28, 48, 54, 56, -, 69, 52, -
Switzerland top 75: [3-20]: 71, 3, 23, 49, 56, 68, 67, 62, -, 51, 57, 42, 41, 48, 38, 49, 40, 44, -, 70, 62, -, 72, -, 73, -
Belgium (Flemish charts): [1-12]: 1, 4, 7, 11, 13, 20, 30, 37, 39, 37, 37, 49, -
Ireland top 100: [4-6]: 50, 4, 29, 38, 64, 78, -
U.K. Top 100: [9-3]: 95, 9, 54, (145), -
Belgium (Walloon charts): 25, 20, -
France top 200: [102-2]: 102, 143, -
Denmark top 40: [2-5]: 2, 2, 11, 25, 38, -
Spain top 50: [5-4]: 5, 5, 14, 40, -
Sweden top 60: [36-2]: 36, 55, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60*: [1-6]: 1, 1, 21, 19, 42, -, re 47, -
* The official charts in Sweden have gone crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart.
Australia top 100: [66-1]: 66, -
CATS also charts in various lists in Estonia, Latvia, Lithania, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Slovenia, Poland and Slovakia.
In july CATS charts in the iTunes charts of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Macau.

After The Hurricane
Ilse DeLange has enjoyed chart success with 13 albums, seven going #1 in the Dutch charts.
Her debut album World Of Hurt (1998) sold five times platinum in the Netherlands and also charted in Belgium (17/30).
Her second album Dear John is a live album dedicated to the songs of John Hiatt.
10 years after her debut another album reached the 5x platinum status: Incredible was a #1 1 and spent 97 weeks on the Dutch charts.
All Ilse de Lange albums went top 5 in the NL album charts. 8 reached the Belgian (Flemish) top 100.

Her most recent album is a greatest hits collection After The Hurricane - Greatest Hits and More, released in November (of 2013).
She scored 23 chart hits since 1998 including #1 So Incredible from 2008.
In 2005 Ilse recorded Blue (co-written by u2's Bono) with Zucchero and the single was a #10 hit.

Heaven after midnight
Waylon (Willem Bijkerk) has enjoyed six chart hits and two top 10 albums.
He released two solo albums as Waylon Young, but got his big break after finishing second in Holland Got Talent.
Eurovision anoraks may know him from his Dutch National Final attempt in 2005. With Rachel (Kramer) he sang Leven Als Een Beest (Living like an animal) but the song stranded in the semi rounds.
(Youtube, a studio solo version is here at YT)

After All
Waylons most succesful album is Wicked Ways from 2009. Released on Motown (no less), the album reached #3 and spent 80 weeks on the Dutch album top 100. It also includes the single Wicked Way, his biggest chart hit (8/10).

In 2012 Waylon had a duet, You Are, on Lionel Ritchies country music project Tuskegee.
Waylons most recent album is After All from 2011, his new solo album Heaven After Midnight is postponed to September.

More Netherlands
The whole country rejoiced when Anouk took her Birds to the Eurovision final after 8 years of missing out.
Joan Franka (2012), 3JS (2011) and Sieneke and her organ (2010) all scored a #1 hit at home but failed to impress Europe. The Toppers got the coveted closing slot in their semi in Moscow, but ended with only 11 points, of which 10 came from the Albanian jury.

Links and sources:
The Common Linnets FB
Ilse DeLange website
Waylon website
The Common Linnets at BeaRecords
Common Linnets page at Universal Germany (in German)
Thanks to Jean-François.

For a full list of coverversions please check out this Eurocovers post. (Updated 2018)

Lisa Del Bo, Belgiums 1996 Eurovision singer has recorded a Dutch/Flemish version of CATS.
It's titled Stilte Na De Storm and it is released as her new single (itunes).
Later it was released on the CD Voor Een Moeder, Door Een Moeder (APR Works 217)
The Waylon bits are sung by Lisa's son Eli. Watch the video here at CNR's Youtube.
Lisa Del Bo facebook

A version in Gronings (A Dutch regional language) is recorded by the band Zuver Scheerwol.
They recorded CATS as Piene In Mien Haart (Pain in my heart) for their album Doalders released in 2015. (Amlow records 0150028, also on CD and Spotify)

In Finland Calm After The Storm becomes Myrskyn Jälkeen Kirkastuu and it was recorded by Tommi Soidinmäki ja Saija Tuupanen who released it as a digital single in September (Listen here at Magnum music). 

A Swedish version titled Lugn Efter En Storm is recorded by 
Andreas from dansband Sannex and Erica from Drifters. It is released on the Drifters CD Blå blå Känslor (Neptun records, out November 5).
Neither Drifters or Sannex are strangers to the occasional Eurocover. Drifters recorded The Dutch and Danish entries of 2010, Sannex recorded Lyssna Till Ditt Hjärta, Swedens 2001 entry.

Another coverversion (in English) is by juniors Polle and Myrthe.
Watch, listen and find out more here at Eurocovers.

U.K. New Age composer and spiritual musician Asher Quinn a.k.a. Asha also recorded a version of Calm After The Storm for his album Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon. out on Novermber 1.

Gab Veläzquez is a dutch DJ who has a stab at creating a clubby version of CATS.
It's on his album The Remixes out on december 2. (digital release through Ethernal Works)

An acoustic version with guitar only is released by Josh Oudendijk. You can find his CATS on his album Nylon. It's available (even on CD) through Bandcamp.
Josh Oudendijk website and FB.

2015: Acoustic guitar outfit Urban Beach from Germany release a live version of CATS on their CD Urban Vibes-Live in Hamburg.
Urban Beach are Farhad Heet and Martin Röttger.
Urban Beach website

There's also quite a few versions very similar to the original and sometimes the same version is available under different artists names. Here you go: The Campfires, Mix factor, MC Flipside, New Tribute Kings, Clara Oaks, Cream Cuts etc...

Tracklist The Common Linnets CD
1.  Calm After The Storm (album version)
2 . Hungry Hands
3 . Arms Of Salvation
4 . Still Loving After You
5 . Sun Song
6 . Lovers & Liars
7 . Broken But Home
8 . Before Complete Surrender
9 . Where Do I Go With Me
10. Time Has No Mercy
11. Give Me A Reason
12 . When Love Was King

13 . Love Goes On

Bonus EP
1. Broken But Home (Acoustic)
2. Calm After The Storm (Acoustic)
3. Time Has No Mercy (Acoustic)
4. Hungry Hands (Acoustic)
5. Still Loving After You (Acoustic)
6. Christmas Around Me