Friday, February 28, 2014

Ireland - Heartbeat - Can-linn ft. Kasey Smith

Digital release image
12 - 35 pts in semi 2
Digital release image
Can-linn ft. Kasey Smith have won the five song selection in Ireland with the song Heartbeat.
The song is written by Hazel Kaneswaran, Jonas Gladnikoff, Rasmus Palmgren en Patrizia Helander.
The song is available at iTunes.
You can listen to the song here 

Two remixes made by Morlando are out now.
Check amazon for some sound clips
The Club mix has more beats (obvi) and the Eurovisionary mix has more Irish instruments. (source: Can-linn's FB)

All versions have been released digitally. No promo cdsingle or other physical item has been issued, which is a shame,  the end of an era and an end to a wonderful collection of Eurovision records.

Digital release image
- official Copenhagen CD.
Heartbeat - Morlando Club mix
Heartbeat - Eurovisionary mix
- remixes digital releases
Heartbeat - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
Heartbeat - Instrumental
- On Can-Linn's Facebook and Youtube
Heartbeat - original demo
- leaked to the tube

Heartbeat enters the Irish charts (top 100) at no. 41 the week after the national final, but falls out the next week. re-enters in Eurovision week
Ireland top 100: 41, - re: 54, 39, -

More Ireland
2009's Et Cetera by Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy not making it to the final was a disgrace of course. Niamh Kavanaghs return fared a bit better and made it to the final (23rd).
Hyper twins Jedward and Jedward the 2nd put Ireland back on the Eurovision map, Lipstick also scored an international hit and it gave us a football version too.
In 2013 Ryan Dolan made it to the final, but he ended on an unexpected last place.

Links and sources
Can-Linn FB and Youtube channel
Thanks to Jean-François

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