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The Latest At The Copenhagen Collection

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Italy - Empress Emma Marone and her city, promo info, E-Live CD, 2016 limited edition album with new live version. 2021 Best Of Me re-recording
Montenegro - Sergej Ćetković, promo info, album update
Norway - 8th place Carl Espen wins MGP, order CDsingle, updates. Remix. SuRie 2020 coverversion EP.
Austria - Conchita Wins Eurovision 2014, Updates, CDsingle . #1 hit, 24 Austrian hits history. DMC remix out now, 2015: Conchita, the album, Japan release. 2018 Symphonic release
Poland - Donatan Cleo My Słowianie, Boobs, remixes out now, Boobs, New version Slavica. Coverversions not to be missed. Hiper Chimera album, versions updated (2017)
Netherlands - 2nd Place, Semi 1 winner. Ilse and Waylon are (were?) The Common Linnets, Album info. # 1 hit, European Charts,  cdsingles, UK promo, Deluxe album with new Waylon-free version of CATS. Finnish, Flemish, Swedish and more covers. Gronings cover update
Denmark - 9th place Ol' Cliché for Basim, what the føk? Acoustic and Clean versions, remixes update
Estonia - Tanja is Amazing, digital release update, Estonian Voices cover.
Spain - 10th place Ruth Lorenzo Dancing In The Rain, CDsingle out April 29. Belated German chart hit, Cahill remixes. Album Planeta Azul finally out in November.
Malta - Firelight is Coming Home. Backdrop Of Life album out now.
Ireland - Heartbeat by Can-linn and Kasey Smith, remixes, corrections
Latvia - Aarzemnieki has a Cake To Bake, version update
Sweden - 3rd place 7th time lucky for Sanna Nielsen. Undo my grammar, remixes, Album "7" with new acoustic version.
Romania - It's A Miracle: Paula and Ovi return, Ovi reclaims The Piano on new album, Remix kit, cdsingle
Belarus - TEO serves Cheesecake realness, versions update
CD releases of 2014, cdsingles official 2CD DVD, Artists albums, updates
Finland - Something Better by Softengine, new version, promo update
Georgia - Earth to Georgia: The Shin and Mariko Ebralidze take off (and crash), updates
Hungary - 5th place Running with Kállay-Saunders, updates
Macedonia - Spectacle: To The Sky with Tijana Dapčević, free download Serbian version Voli Me. Promos
Azerbaijan - Arson!, Dilara Kazimova starts a fire, Azerbaijani version, Remix EP, Turkish version.
Russia -  7th place Grown up juniors Shine. Russian version
Ukraine - 6th place Maria Yaremchuk, time's ticking, promo updates
Iceland Pollapönk and the technicolour t-t-t-racksuits, No Prejudice out now! Ooops. Euro Club Mix by Oggi, more versions.
France - Twin Twin grows a Moustache (not a beard)
Slovenia - Finally Flutewoman Tinkara! Versions updated, digital release 9 versions.
Moldova - Cristina's Wild Soul, versions update
Germany - Elaiza band wins ticket to CPH, early LP release, cdsingle. Dance cover.
Israel - Mei Finegold's Same heart, update
Armenia - 4th place Aram MP3, digital single, remix update. Actually alone on stage.
United Kingdom - Molly goes universal, signs with Warner, promo updates
Switzerland - SEBalter: Hunter Of Stars, update
Albania - Herciana Matmuja, Eurovision version presented, promo info
Greece - Rise Up!, Summer remix and Jazz version digital release
Rainmaker, Jessica Mauboy and other bits.
Portugal - Returns to Eurovision with Suzy, updates
San Marino - Valentina III, Maybe and Forse out now. Album Sensibilità out in April, promo info
Lithuania - Attention! - Vilija Matačiūnaitė, album out now!
Out Now! The 2014 Copenhagen Handbook / ESCzine.
Belgium - Eurosong CD out now, Axel takes his Mother to CPH
Absent Friends - They're no longer with us

There you have it, the Copenhagen Collection's pages are counted. 37, one for each country (and a few extra).
Bringing you all the details on the releases and  versions of the 2014 Eurovision songs and stars. 
You'll find all official releases, (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.

Thanks! to all who have sent their info, corrections and scans. Couldn't have done it without you.
Special thanks to Jean-François for monitoring the digital releases and more.

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