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Ireland - Heartbeat - Can-linn ft. Kasey Smith

Digital release image
12 - 35 pts in semi 2
Digital release image
Can-linn ft. Kasey Smith have won the five song selection in Ireland with the song Heartbeat.
The song is written by Hazel Kaneswaran, Jonas Gladnikoff, Rasmus Palmgren en Patrizia Helander.
The song is available at iTunes.
You can listen to the song here 

Two remixes made by Morlando are out now.
Check amazon for some sound clips
The Club mix has more beats (obvi) and the Eurovisionary mix has more Irish instruments. (source: Can-linn's FB)

All versions have been released digitally. No promo cdsingle or other physical item has been issued, which is a shame,  the end of an era and an end to a wonderful collection of Eurovision records.

Digital release image
- official Copenhagen CD.
Heartbeat - Morlando Club mix
Heartbeat - Eurovisionary mix
- remixes digital releases
Heartbeat - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
Heartbeat - Instrumental
- On Can-Linn's Facebook and Youtube
Heartbeat - original demo
- leaked to the tube

Heartbeat enters the Irish charts (top 100) at no. 41 the week after the national final, but falls out the next week. re-enters in Eurovision week
Ireland top 100: 41, - re: 54, 39, -

More Ireland
2009's Et Cetera by Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy not making it to the final was a disgrace of course. Niamh Kavanaghs return fared a bit better and made it to the final (23rd).
Hyper twins Jedward and Jedward the 2nd put Ireland back on the Eurovision map, Lipstick also scored an international hit and it gave us a football version too.
In 2013 Ryan Dolan made it to the final, but he ended on an unexpected last place.

Links and sources
Can-Linn FB and Youtube channel
Thanks to Jean-François

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lithuania - Attention - Vilija Matačiūnaitė

Album cover, digital release image.
11 - 36 pts in semi 2
Lithuania held the most elaborate preselection this year, and episodes were even added due to tv-viewers popularity. Songs and singers were selected seperately and they came up with Attention to be performed by three artists in the final.
On the final night Vilija Matačiūnaitė was chosen to represent Lithuania in the 2014 contest.
The song is written by Viktoras Vaupšas and Vilija Matačiūnaitė.
Watch the performance here at LRT's Youtube.
Vilija's debut album Attention! is out now in Lithuania on CD and digital through iTunes and Amazon.
It includes the Eurovision version and original acoustic version (demo). Full tracklist below.

Picture from Vilija Matačiūnaitė Facebook
Next to the demo used to enter the song in the Lithuanian NF, there's an earlier studio version (here at YT).
The version on the Copenhagen 2CD has the same vocals but added instrumentation (Thanks Lior)

Attention - Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD, CD Attention!
Attention - 'first Eurovision' version
- videoclip
Attention - original demo by Vilija Matačiūnaitė.
- has been on LRT's website, youtube, on CD Attention!
Attention - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection, digital release
Over the course of the Lithuanian selection the song has been performed live by Vilija Matačiūnaitė, Vaidas Baumila, Mia and Monika Linkyte.

Vilija Matačiūnaitė entered the Lithuanian preselection already in 2005 with the much debated Oh My God. The song ended 7th in the final.

More Lithuania
Lithuania has made it to the final four out the past five contests, but fails to make any waves in the final. Shame really, because there are a few personal favorites there.
In 2009 Sasha Son(g) ended 23rd with his multi-language Love. Eastern European Funk by Inculto (2010) was a lot of fun, but it failed. Evelina Sashenko ended 19th with C'est Ma Vie. Best result in recent years is for Donny Montell's Love Is Blind (14th in 2012).
Last year Andrius Pojavis was 22nd with his self penned Something.

Links and sources
LRT Eurovision 2014 pages
Vilija Matačiūnaitė Facebook
Thanks to Lior and to Jean-François.

Attention! CD! Tracklist!
01. Imaginary
02. Dreams
03. Keap it to the Beat (ft. Medonas)
04. Attention
05. Leisk ir vėl (ft. Corbie)
06. Never Never
07. Live Today
08. Vechnost'
09. Days
10. I Need Your Love (ft. One Element)
11. Think of You
12. Uh!
13. Attention (ft. Aleph Agular) (original acoustic)

Sweden - Undo - Sanna Nielsen

3 - 218 pts / 2 - 131 pts in semi 1
Melodifestivalen 2014 is won by Sanna Nielsen who then represented Sweden in the Copenhagen Eurovision Song Contest with the song Undo.
The song is written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah..
It's the 7th Melodifestival(en) entry for Nielsen, so it pays to persevere.

Undo is released on cdsingle with an instrumental version as track 2.
(Parlophone 196122324)
On May 9 the cdsingle was released in Germany and some other countries.
Check out BeaRecords.
A digital release, the Undo EP features the Eurovision song and three other tracks: Rainbow, Ready and You First Loved Me.

promo box
The promo used in Copenhagen has the same 2-track cdsingle (with the first version) in a special box with info booklet and postcard.
The EU cdsingle has the new 'sad love' version.

New version
A new version with a few minor adjustments in the lyrics (replacing "Undo my sad" with "Undo my sad love" at the end of the refrain) has been released. It replaces the original single download releases and streaming version like Spotify.
The new version is also on the Copenhagen 2CD and the EU released cdsingle.

Six remixes have been released through iTunes and other (streaming) services like Wimp
see versions below.
See comments for some other remixes.

Pic from Sanna's Facebook
Album '7'
Sanna releases her new album 7 on June 30 (digital). The CD is in the Swedish shops on July 2nd.
The album includes Undo and an acoustic edit of the song. It also has the track previously released on the digital Undo EP. Full tracklist below.
(Parlophone / WMS 5054196218621)
EU cds

Undo - original MF version
- on CD Melodifestivalen 2014
Undo - new version
- On the official Copenhagen CD
Undo - Instrumental
- cdsingle, official karaoke album (digital release)
Undo - Brainbeaters radio remix
Undo - Brainbeaters remix
Undo - Eray Oktav and K-One Radio edit
Undo - Eray Oktav and K-One Extended
Undo - Peet Syntax and Alexie Divello Late Night Radio edit
Undo - Peet Syntax and Alexie Divello Late Night Club mix
- all remixes digital release
Undo - Acoustic edit
- on album '7 '

8 days before the MF final Undo entered the Swedish charts at no. 57, going up to no. 7 the day before the final. It reached #2, being kept off the #1 spot (in the official charts) by Ace Wilders Busy Doin' Nothin', the MF runner up.
Sweden top 60: [2-16]: 57, 7, 2, 4, 7, 10, 14, 18, 19, 34, 43, 9, 23, 38, 49, 59, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60* (Digital sales charts): 6, 1, 3, 4, 8, 8, 13, 12, 12, 16, 22, 3, 10, 17, 20, 25, 37, 56, 48, 38, 48, 44, 42
* The official charts in Sweden have gone crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart.
Belgium (Flemish charts): [25-2]: 25, 34, -
Belgium (Walloon charts): [48-1]:48, -
Denmark top 40: [5-3]: 5, 9, 39
Ireland top 100:[21-2]: 21, 99, -
Netherlands sales top 100:[21-1]: 21, -
France top 200:[131-2]: 131, 173, -
U.K. top 100:[40-1]: 40, -
Germany top 100:[32-1]: 32, -
Switzerland top 75:[11-2]: 11, 72
Austria top 75:[12-3]: 12, 54, 73
Australia top 100:[81-1]: 81, -

Sanna Nielsen in MF:
2001 Igår, Idag
- 3rd place in 10-song Melodifestival*, 32/3 hit
2003 Hela Världen För Mig
- 5th in MF final, written by G:son, 35/7 hit
2006 Du Och Jag Mot Världen 
- Duet with Fredrik Kempe, 8th in final, 20/7 hit        
2007 Vågar Du, Vågar Jag
- 7th in the final, via the second chance round (Andra chansen), 10/13 hit
2008 Empty Room
- 3rd place in the final, 2/20 hit
2011 I’m In Love
- 4th in the final, 32/3 hit
All Sanna Nielsens entries scored a hit in the Swedish charts, the biggest being Empty Room.
Her 2008 album Stronger was a no. 1.
* this was before the 32 song Melodifestivalen extravaganza format which had its debut in 2002.

Sanna's MF songs except Hela Världen För Mig and Undo can be found on a mid-price compilation CD 16 Bästa. Out on April 9 on MSE records.

Tracklist '7 '
1. Skydivin'
2. Breathe
3. Rainbow
4. Undo
5. All About Love
6. Trouble
7. Ready
8. You First Loved Me
9. Undo Acoustic Edit

A rock version (or Hardpop as they call it themselves) of Undo is released by My Remorse. Their version is released through your usual digital sources. And Spotify.
My Remorse facebook.

An instrumental  piano coverversion of Undo is released by Hugo Sellerberg. It's available through iTunes and other sources.

Dansband Highlights have recorded Undo for their album När Vi Är Tillsammans. (Atenzia records)
Highlights website

Melodifestivalen 2014
All 32 songs of the Swedish National Final, Melodifestivalen, have been released on a 2CD.
The 2 disc set went on sale at Statoil gasstations minutes after the 4th heat and will be in other shops a few days later.
Of course there will also be digital stores selling the 32 songs.
The official Melodifestivalen CD has been the #1 selling album of the year in Sweden every year since 2007.
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was #2, in 2003 it was #4, in 2002 it was #13.
Check out more statistics here at the Malmö Collection

More Sweden
Home entry You by Robin Stjernberg ended 14th in Malmö and ended #9 in the Swedish sales charts of 2013. 2012 is a success story not seen often in modern Eurovision. Loreen and her Euphoria won the Baku contest and went on to score the biggest hit in Europe for a Eurovision song for a long time. Euphoria sold over a million copies and was the best selling single of the year in Sweden, clocking up 9x platinum.
In 2011 the window shattering Popular by Eric Saade ended third, a welcome return to the upper echelons for Sweden.
In 2010 Anna Bergendahl got the dubious honour of being the only one not reaching the Eurovision final for Sweden. But This Is My Life was a#1 hit anyway.
La Voix, the classical pop fusion song by Malena Ernman reached the final, but only made it to #21 in Moscow. La Voix is the only song not to score a #1 hit at home since 2001.
For more Swedish MF / Hit statistics, please check last years Swedish post at the Malmö Collection.

Links and sources
Sanna Nielsen FB and Website
SVT MF pages
Sanna Nielsen and MF CDs at BeaRecords
Thanks to STHLM MIX

Full tracklist Melodifestivalen 2014 CD.
CD 1
1 To the End - Yohio
2 Aleo - Mahan Moin
3 Bröder - Linus Svenning
4 Casanova - Elisa Lindström
5 Bedroom - Alvaro Estrella
6 Songbird - Ellen Benediktson
7 Bygdens son - Sylvester Schlegel
8 Survivor - Helena Paparizou
9 Love Trigger - JEM
10 Hallelujah - The Refreshments
11 Glow - Manda
12 Efter solsken - Panetoz
13 I Am Somebody - Pink Pistols
14 Undo - Sanna Nielsen
15 Set Yourself Free - Little Great Things
16 När änglarna går hem - Martin Stenmarck

CD 2
1 Echo - Outtrigger
2 Red - EKO
3 Yes We Can - Oscar Zia
4 Burning Alive - Shirley Clamp
5 All We Are - State of Drama
6 En enkel sång - CajsaStina Åkerström
7 Busy Doin’ Nothin’ - Ace Wilder
8 Around the World - dr. alban & Jessica Folcker 
9 Blame It On The Disco - Alcazar
10 Fight Me If You Dare - I.D.A
11 Hollow - Janet Leon
12 Raise Your Hands - Ammotrack
13 Hela natten - Josef Johansson
14 Ta mig - Linda Bengtzing
15 En himmelsk sång - Ellinore Holmer
16 Natural - Anton Ewald

Absent Friends

37 countries competed in Copenhagen. We can rejoice for Poland and Portugal return to the fold.
Sadly several countries have opted out this year, most citing financial reasons. And Turkey is fed up with us, so they're going it alone with a Turkvision contest.

Serbia just missed out on the final with Moje 3 (2013). Our Zeljko ended 3rd in the final (2012), Nina's Čaroban was # 14, Milan Stanković's fab Ovo Je Bakan 13th.
Marko Kon and Milaan's hymn to footwear adoration Cipela missed out on the Moscow final in 2009 thanks to the weird jury-picking-one-finalist thing (which is thankfully abandoned now).

Bosnia- Herzegovina's last entry to date is Korake Ti Znam by Maya Sar. It finished 18th in 2012. Dino Merlin's return to the Eurovision stage in 2011 resulted in a 6th place. Vukašin Brajić's Thunder And Lightning end 17th. Regina's Bistra Voda was #9 in Moscow.

Croatia's early Eurovision career is filled with top 10 songs, but the past four years they didn't make it to the final. 2009 saw the last finalist: Igor Crukov's Lijepa Tena finished 18th. He was only #13 in the semi but was selected by the jury to go to the final.
The Klapa Boys (2013), Nina Badrić (2012), Daria Kinzer (2011) and Feminnem never made it to saturday.

Cyprus also opts out this year. 2013 was unlucky, Despina's Olympiou's ballad An Me Thimase ended 15th in its semi. Ivi Adamou ended only 16th in the final but scored a hit in several countries with her La La Love.
Jon Lilygreen and the Islanders tried something different for Cyprus and were rewarded with a place in the final (21 in 2010).
Christos Mylordos (2011) and Christina Metaxa (2009) failed to reach the final.

Under new gouvernment approved management Turkey's broadcaster TRT is dissatisfied with Eurovision as it is right now. (They're dissatisfied with everything basically). I can only speculate they're upset with block voting or with the attemps to try and bring neighbourly friendlyness down. (update: and the Bearded woman didn't go down well either)  I do know a lot of Turkish fans are upset with Turkey's absence.
First sign of trouble happened when Turkey didn't make it to the final in 2011 with Yüksek Sadakat but other recent results have been quite impressive. Can Bonomo ended 7th in 2012, maNga 2nd in 2010 and Hadises Düm Tek Tek was #4 in 2009 and scored an international hit even going #1 in Belgium and top 10 in several Japanese charts.
In 2013 TRT organized a new contest, Türkvisyon, with countries and regions with Turcic languages competing. But Turkey couldn't win that either.

Bulgaria only qualified to the final once, in 2007 Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov ended 5th with the impressive ethno-techno of Voda (Water). When the duo tried again in 2013 their Samo Shampioni failed to reach the final.
Sofi Marinova (2012), Poli Genova (2011), Miro (2010) and Krassimir Avramov (2009) suffered the same fate.

Slovakia's attendance record has always been patchty. Only eight attempts since 1993*.
This century they participated four years in a row, but none of the entries qualified for the final.
Kamil Mikulčík & Nela Pocisková in 2009, Kristina in 2010, Twiins in 2011 and Max Jason May in 2012.
Twiins had the best result with a 13th place in the semi.
* In 1993 Slovakia ended 4th in the Eastern Europe Qualifier Kvalifikacija za Millstreet,  where three countries proceded to the Eurovision final.
In 1995, 1997, 1999 Slovakia were out anyway because of the low results the previous years.

Slovakia's neighbours The Czech Republic have participated three times, collecting only 10 points in three semi finals. The most recent entry was Aven Romale by, scoring a big fat zero.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spain - Dancing In The Rain - Ruth Lorenzo

Digital release image Eurovision version
10 - 74 pts / not in semi
Digital release image original version
Ruth Lorenzo (Ruth Lorenzo Pascual) has won the 5-song national final in Spain with the song Dancing In The Rain. The song is sung in Spanish and English.
The song is written by Ruth Lorenzo, Jim Irvin and Julian Emery.
A new version has been released for Eurovision, both the original and new version have been released through iTunes and other digital sources.
Dancing In The Rain (Eurovision version) is included on Ruth Lorenzo's new album Planeta Azul, originally expected March 1st but now on the cards for September, November.
The album also includes Ruths new single Gigantes. See tracklist below.

Ruth gained some international stardom when she finished 5th in the 2008 X-Factor series in the U.K..

promo folder
A physical release (cd single) is out in Spain since April 29, available at Fnac & El Cortes Ingles stores in Spain. Also at ECI online store. The cdsingle in card sleeve features 1 track only.
(Roster music 8435361706995)
The promo used in Copenhagen is a 1-track cdsingle in a large folder. (pic right)

Cahill remixes
After a period of time where Ruth's Cahill remixes were available through her facebook and youtube, you now can only get them through iTunes. See versions.

Dancing In The Rain - Eurovision version
- digital release, on the official Copenhagen 2CD
Dancing In The Rain - original version
- digital release
Dancing In The Rain - Cahill English club mix
Dancing In The Rain - Cahill English radio mix
Dancing In The Rain - Cahill Spanish & English Club Mix
Dancing In The Rain - Cahill Spanish & English Radio Mix
- remixes free download through Ruth's Facebook, digital release iTunes
Dancing In The Rain - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection, digital release
A full English version has only been released as a remix (so far).

Tracklist Planeta Azul
1. Planeta azul
2. Gigantes
3. Noche en blanco
4. Parar el tiempo
5. Renuncio
6. Rey de corazones (with Miguel Poveda)
7. Vulnerable
8. 1, 2, 3
9. Inevitable
10. Patito feo
11. Flamingos
12. Eva
13. Te veo
14. Dancing In the Rain
15. Renuncio (Piano version)
16. Gigantes (Guitar version)

Spain top 50: [5-7]: 7, 37, -, 24, -,  5, 6, 9, 31, -
Spain physical singles top 20 [1-21]: 1, 3, 2, 2, 6, 5, 4, 6, 10, 14, 12, 15, -, 12, 15, 16, -, 7, 16, 18, -, 16, 19, -, 15, -
Ireland top 100: 75, -
Switzerland top 75: 69, -
Austria top 75: 69, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 36, -
Germany top 100: 54, -
The German chart entry is in week 24, after the song was used in dancing contest / TV show Let's Dance.

More Spain
Spain is a member of the big 4/5 and is always secured of a place in the final, but they have finished outside the top 20 on several occasions in recent years: El Sueño De Morfeo (2013), Lucia Pérez (2011), Soraya (2009). Daniel Diges (2010) had his performance invaded by some professional attention seeker, but did slightly better with a 16th place.
Best recent result for Spain was #10 for Pastora Solers Quédate Conmigo in 2012.
In 2008 Rodolfo Chikilicuatre scored a bit of an international hit with the much debated Baila El Chiki Chiki, despite only ending 16th.

Links and sources
Ruth Lorenzo FB and website
Thanks to Jean-François

Latvia - Cake To Bake - Aarzemnieki

13 - 33 pts in semi 1
Cake To Bake by Aarzemnieki  won the Latvian national final Eirovīzijas Dziesmu Konkurss 2014. The song is written by Guntis Veilands.Aarzemnieki is a band fronted by Joran Šteinhauer.
You can listen to all the Latvian contestants here at LTV. Cake To Bake is here.
A new version has been recorded for the Eurovision 2CD and promo.
The song is in English but the Cep Cep Kuku bits are Latvian for Bake Bake Cake.
A promo cds is issued, it has the Eurovision and karaoke versions.
Another promo item is a USB stick with audio, video, photos and Latvia information.
promo cds

Aarzemnieki USB
Cake To Bake - Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD
Cake To bake - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release
- both on promo cds
Cake To Bake - Dough Mix version (first version)
- soundcloud and LTV website

More Latvia
Latvia's early Eurovision years were top, but they haven't been able to leave their mark on Eurovision in recent years. The last five entries didn't make it to the final. Intars Busulis (2009), Aisha (2010), Musiqq (2011), Anmary (2012) and PeR all finished in the bottom of their semi.
Still, Latvia have some interesting records and first to their name. They were the first to intruduce sign language to their entry (2004's The War Is Not Over) and also the first to send an acapella song (Cosmos' I Hear You Heart in 2006). The also sent the only song ever to mention Johnny Logan in the lyrics (2012).
2004 entry Dziesma Par Laimi by Fomins and Kliens holds the record for most language versions recorded by original artist. With 9 officially released versions they beat Vicky Leandros (L'Amour Est Bleu) and Nicole's who both have 7 to their name.

Links and sources
Aarzemnieki FB, Website and Soundcloud
Thanks to Jean-François
LTV Eurovision pages

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Iceland - No Prejudice - Pollapönk

promo cds
15 - 58 pts / 8 - 61 pts in semi 1
The band Pollapönk won the Icelandic final Söngvakeppnin 2014 with the song Enga Fordóma (No prejudice). The song is written by bandmembers Heiðar Örn Kristjánsson en Haraldur Freyr Gíslason.
You can listen to the original song here at RÚV.
The song was performed in English in Copenhagen as No Prejudice.
Lyrics for the English version are written by John Grant, American singer-songwriter currently living in Reykjavik. John Grant also has a beard.
You can watch the official video at HandsUps Youtube.

A promo cds (cd-r) has four tracks.
No Prejudice
No Prejudice - Lo-Fi version
No Prejudice - Club mix
No Prejudice - karaoke version
It comes in a card sleeve in an A5 folder with pictures, lyrics and biographies

Who Is Pollapönk bandið?
Pollapönk are Heiðar Örn Kristjánsson (in the turqoise suit), Haraldur Freyr Gíslasson (red), Arnar Þór Gíslason (pink) and Guðni Finnsson (yellow).
Pre-school teachers Heiðar Örn Kristjánsson and Haraldur Freyr Gíslasson were members of Botnleðja who entered the Icelandic selection in 2003 with the song Euróvísa which ended 2nd behind Birgitta Haukdals Segðu Mér Allt.
Record store employees Arnar Þór Gíslason and Guðni Finnsson were members of rock band Dr. Spock who entered the Icelandic Söngvkeppni in 2008 with Hvar Ertu Nú? They finished third.
Gíslasson also played in a zillion other bands including Stolía, Írafár and Ensími (with Finnson).
The Pollapönkers were joined joined by former bookseller now MP Óttarr Proppé in purple (of HAM and Dr. Spock) and playwright Snæbjörn Ragnarsson in orange (of Skálmöld).

Predjudice is not a word, so after initially releasing No Predjudice via iTunes the new digital release image reads No Prejuduce.

Here's a video of John Grant teaching the English version to the Pollapönkers. (Thanks to HandsUp Music)
In the Söngvakeppnin super final a part of the song was performed in English.
You can listen to the English version here at a page from Pollapönks sponsors some may actually have some prejudice against.

EP and album
A digital EP release of No Prejudice includes five versions of the song.
The Eurovision version, Club mix, Lo Fi version, Karaoke version and Icelandic version.
The Lo-Fi version of the Icelandic version is also released. It's on the new Best Of collection Bebebe-Besta Pollapönkið. The album (digital release) also includes the original Icelanic version and Club Mix in English.
On the Icelandic digital issue (at Tónlist) the Club mix is named Enga Fordóma (Eurostuð) but it's in English.
The remix of No Prejudice is made by Örlygur Smári (Oggi), writer of several Icelandic entries ('00, '08, '10 and '13). Check out the Euro Club mix here (youtube).

Note: Amazon offers CD versions of a five track single and the BeBeBe-Besta album. These are not regular CDs but CD-r's made by request. You just might as well do that yourself of course.

No Prejudice - English version
- digital release, promo cds, CPH 2CD
Enga Fordóma - original version in Icelandic
- CD Söngvakeppnin 2014, digital release
No Prejudice - Euro club mix by Örlygur Smári
- Youtube, digital release, promo cds
No Prejudice - Lo-Fi version
- No Prejudice EP, digital release. promo cds
Enga Fordóma - Lo-Fi version
- album Bebebe-Besta Pollapönkið, digital release
Enga Fordóma - karaoke
- CD Söngvakeppnin 2014 digital release
No Prejudice - karaoke
- official karaoke album, digital release, promo cds
All digital releases through Hand Up Music

A CD with all entries from the Söngvakeppnin 2014 has been released. It also includes the karaoke versions of all 10 songs. (Sena records)
Available at BeaRecords
All songs have first been released through Tónlist (digital). The release also includes the karaoke versions.

You can listen to all songs at RÚV's Söngvakeppnin pages

U.K. top 100: 70
Austria top 75: 68

Picture from HagKaup
The Technicolor Tracksuits
If you want to do some more shopping, Pollapönks trademark tracksuits are also available for your kids in sizes 98 to 116 (Icelandic sizes of course)
Check 'em out here at Hagkaup. Don't know if the must have item for the 2014 fashion season will also become available in adult sizes.

More Iceland
Iceland have had an impressive run of six entries making it to the final but only one song was able to follow up with a good result: Is It True by Yohanna ended 2nd behind Norways Fairytale in 2009 equalling the placing for Selma Björnsdottirs All Out Of Luck in 1999.
Eyþór Ingi ended 17th in the final in Malmö. Greta Salomé and Jónsi only made it to #20 (2012). The friends of the late Sjónni Brink also ended 20th in the final and Hera Björk made it to #19.

Links and sources
Pollapönk FB
RÚV Söngvakeppnin pages
Thanks to Jean-François and to HandsUp music

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Malta - Coming Home - Firelight

23 - 32 pts / 9 - 63 pts in semi 2
The Malta Eurovision Song Contest was won by Firelight with their song Coming Home.
The song is written by bandmember Richard Micallef.
3-track cdsingle

Dynasty digital release image
You can listen to the song here at TVM.
Firelight have been working on their album and Coming Home is included.
The album is  titled Backdrop Of Life and the album is out since September 26..
The CD is out in Germany (and ??) on the Artists and Acts label, distributed through Universal.

Coming Home is released digitally on March 12. (through Albam records) The release also includes karaoke and instrumental.
A single track digital release (in Germany) was released through Dynasty records on April 15.

Two promos have been issued.
One has three versions of Coming Home.
Coming Home
Coming Home - Instrumental
Coming Home - Karaoke
(Albam ESC2P)

The 2nd promo has 6 tracks
Coming Home
Victor The Hungarian Man
Her Song
Bite The Bullet
Coming Home - Instrumental
Coming Home - Karaoke
(Albam ESC2p / 502454569152)

Both promos have similar picture sleeves.
Album Backdrop Of Life

Albam rec. digital release image
Coming Home
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD
Coming Home - Instrumental
Coming Home - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection, digital release
- all on promo cds, digital release
Coming home - first version
- digital release

Ireland top 100: 93
U.K. top 100: 82
Switzerland top 75: 58
Germany top 100: 83
Austria top 75: 50
Swedish Digilisatn top 60: 26, 35

Picture from Malta Eurovision delegation
More Malta
2013 saw a well deserved top 10 placing for Malta with Tomorrow by Gianluca Bezzina (8th in Malmö).
Kurt Calleja also made it to the final and finish 21st. Glen Vella (2011) and Thea Garett didn't make it.
In 2009 Chiara tried for the third time, but after her successful entries The One That I Love (3rd in 1998) and Angel (2nd in 2005) a 22nd place in the final was a bit disappointing.

Links and sources
Firelight FB
TVM Eurovision pages
Thanks to Jean-François and Daniel d'Anastasi at the Malta Eurovision Delegation.

Georgia - Three Minutes To Earth - The Shin and Mariko Ebralidze

Promo cds image
15 - 15 points in semi 2
Georgia was represented in Copenhagen by The Shin and Mariko Ebralidze (მარიკო ებრალიძე).
German based band The Shin have been going for 20 years. Mariko Ebralidze is a jazz singer from Tblisi.
USB promo
On the 24th of Februari the song title Three Minutes To Earth was revealed. The song was presented on March 14.
Watch and listen here.
The song is written by band member Zaza Miminoshvili and Eugen Eliu..

A 1-track promo is issued. There's also a promotional USB stick including the Three Minutes To Earth video and a video about Georgia plus other info.

More Georgia
Sopho Gelovani and Nodi Tatishvili ended 15th in the final in 2013. Anri Joxadze was not so lucky, he's the only Georgian entrant not to make it to the final. Eldrine (9th) and Sophia Nizharadze (also 9th) scored the best results for the country.
The 2009 entry for Moscow, We Don't Wanna Put In by Stephane and 3G was withdrawn after a row over the political (and anti-Putin) content of the song.

Links and sources
The Shin FB
Thanks to Jean-François.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Switzerland - Hunter Of Stars - SEBalter

13 - 64 pts / 4 - 92 pts in semi 2.
SEBalter (Sebastiano Paù-Lessie) has won the Swiss National Final, Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow and went on to represent Switzerland in Copenhagen with the self penned song Hunter Of Stars.
SEBalter was selected for the National Final by RSI, the Italian language broadcaster in Switzerland. Six songs competed in the final.
The song is available on iTunes, you can listen to the song at SEBs Youtube.
A new version is released for Eurovision, also available through most digital sources.
A promo disc with audio, video and information is issued. It includes the Eurovision version.

Hunter Of Stars - Eurovision version
- official Copenhagen album, promo
Hunter Of Stars - Original version
- first digital release
Hunter Of Stars - Karaoke version
- official karaoke album (digital release)

Second digital release image
Hunter Of Stars enters the Swiss charts at # 37 but falls out the following week. It re-entered at #6 after the contest.
Switzerland top 75: 37, -, 6, 45, -
Ireland top 100: 49, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 98, -
U.K. top 100: 85, -
Germany top 100: 77, -
Austria top 75: 48, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 39, -

First digital release image
More Switzerland
The much debated Salvation Army band Takasa didn't make it to the final in 2013. Neither did Sinplus in 2012, but they seem to have a bit of a career going right now.
Anna Rossinelli was the last one to reach the final, but she only ended 25th. She scored a #3 hit in her home country.
2010 and 2009 didn't bring much luck to the Swiss: Michael von der Heide and Lovebugs stranded in their semi's.

links and sources
SEBalter FB and Tumblr
RTS Eurovision pages
SF Eurovision page
Thanks to Jean-François and to Bastiaan