Saturday, March 15, 2014

Portugal - Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar) - Suzy

Promo cds
11 - 39 pts in semi 1
Portugal returned to Eurovision after skipping the Malmö edition due to limited cash.
The winner of the Festival da Canção 2014 is Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar) (I want to be yours as long as the moon provides the light) by Suzy (Susana Guerra).
The song is written by Emanuel.
Listen and watch the semi performance here at RTP's Youtube channel.
The song has been released through Amazon, iTunes and other digital sources.
A 2 track promo is issued. It has the original version and karaoke version

Digital release image
Suzy was planning on recording Spanish, French and Russian versions of her song. Sheasked for the help from the fans to write the lyrics.
Not sure if these versions will see the light of day though....

Quero Ser Tua - ESC version
- promo cds
Quero Ser Tua - Original version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD.
Quero Ser Tua - Karaoke
- On the official karaoke collection, digital release

Who's Suzy?
With a simple name like Suzy Google is not your friend. But I managed to find a few things on the Portuguese singer.
As a kid she was a member of Onda Choc*, a kids group with ever changing membership.
In 1999 she has some success with Christmas single Nesta Noite Branca (This white night) with the popular portugese band Os Anjos*.
We've seen several girls and boys dress up as stewardesses in Eurovision history, but Suzy worked as a real air hostess for Emirates Airlines, !.

* Onda Choc recorded coverversion of Eurovision evergreens Non Ho L'Eta (Italy 1964) and Hallelujah (Israel 1979) for their 1992 CD Não Tenho Idade Para Amar-te.
Eurocovers fans know Os Anjos from their successful coverversion of the Spanish 1966 entry Yo Soy Aquel.

More Portugal
Half of the past four entries made it to the final. In 2009 Flor De Lis ended 15th and a year later Filipa Azevedo made it to 18.
Portugals answer to the Village People, Homens Da Luta and their shouty protest (or was it comedy?) song A Luta é Alegria failed and so did Filipa Sousa's Vida Minha.

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Suzy Facebook and Facebook
Thanks to Jean-François and to Marek


  1. The song is now available on itunes

  2. The official Copenhagen 2CD features the original version of the song. The Eurovision version is available only on the 2-track promo CD.