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Montenegro - Moj Svijet - Sergej Ćetković

19 - 37 pts / 7 - 63 pts in semi 1
Sergej Ćetković was the 6th Eurovision entrant for Montenegro as an independant country.
He's the first one to reach the final for the country
The song Moj Svijet (My world) was premiered on March 9.
The song is also recorded in English as My Love.
Watch and listen here.
Promo cds

A promo cd includes three versions (see below) and videoclips.

Moj Svijet - original version in Serbian
- also on the official Copenhagen CD.
My Love - English version
Moj Svijet / My Love ft Fraser Fifield - Instrumental
- all above on promo cds
- Original and English at Sergej's Youtube
Moj Svijet - karaoke (actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

Fraser Fifield is a Scottish multi instrumentalist who plays most of the instruments on the song. In the instrumental version the vocal parts are performed by Fifield on the flute whereas the karaoke version is basically the original recording without any vocals.

10 years ago Sergej Ćetković already had a go at Eurovision. He ended 8th in the national final of Serbia-Montenegro with the song Ne Mogu Da Ti Oprostim (I can't forgive you).

More Montenegro
In 2013 Nina Žižić joined rappers Who See for a steaming version of their Igranka, but the song ended 12th in the semi.
Rambo Amadeus (2012) didn't make it either. His Euro-Neuro still managed to collect 20 poing in the semi though.
Montenegro's 2009 entry was Just Get Out Of My Life by Andrea Demirovic penned by Ralph Siegel. The entry also got stuck in the semi, but it gave us a fabulous Moscow Club Mix with Dschinghis Khan samples.

Links and sources
Sergej Ćetković website and FB
Thanks to Koen and to Bastiaan

Monday, November 18, 2013

Macedonia - To The Sky - Tijana Dapčević

13 - 33 pts in semi 2
Tijana Dapčević (Тијана  Дапчевиќ) represented Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.) at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.
2nd promo (Copenhagen)

1st promo (Amsterdam)
On februari 2014 the song Tamu Kaj Shto Pripagjam (Таму кај што припаѓам, The place I belong) was presented, and also its English version To The Sky, which is the Eurovision version.
You can watch both through Tijana's Youtube channel
The English version is available through iTunes as To The Sky (Where Do We Go Now)
Next to English and Macedonian a Serbian version is recorded. You can download the Serbian version Voli Me at here Tijana's website.

The song is written by Darko Dimitrov, Lazar Svetkoski and Elena Risteska.
Elena Risteska is known from her own Macedonian Eurovision entry Ninanajna from 2006. (12th place)

A 3-track promo is issued for use at the Amsterdam Eurovision In Concert event.
It has the English, Macedonian and Serbian versions of the song. (see versions)
The promo (cd-rom) used in Copenhagen has four versions. The same three language versions plus the karaoke version.

There's also a USB stick-bracelet including all versions, a video of the Macedonian version, photos, bio's and lyrics.
Tijana's USB bracelet.

Originally the title Pobeda (Победа, Victory) was announced, it being an energetic uptempo track sung in Macedonian. I don't know if the song presented is the same song with just a different title or a new track.

Digital release image
To The Sky (Where Do We Go Now) - English version
- digital release, official Copenhagen CD
Tamu Kaj Shto Pripagjam (таму кај што припаѓам) - Macedonian
- youtube video
Voli Me (Воли Ме) - Serbian
- download at Tijana's website
To The Sky (Where Do We Go Now) - karaoke
- official karaoke album: digital release

Digital release image
Tijana has one Eurovision attempt to her name. She entered the Serbia and Montenegro selection with the song Greh. She ended 8th but Serbia-Montenegro ended up not participating at all.
She has released five albums since 2000, Muzika from 2010 being the most recent one.
Tamara of 'Tamara, Vrcak and Adrian' fame (Eurovision 2008) is the younger sister of our Tijana.

More Macedonia.
In 2013 Esma and Lozano didn't fare well with their Pred Da Se Razdeni (16th in semi) but several versions of the song were released.
Kaliopi did a lot better, ending 13th in the final in 2012 with the majestic Crno I Belo.
Next Time (2009), Gjoko Taneski and Billy Zver (2010) and Vlatko Ilievski (2011) didn't make it to the final.

Links and sources
Tijana Dapčević FB and website
Thanks to Jean-François, to Lior, to Bastiaan and to the Macedonian Eurovision team.

Austria - Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst is the winner of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest.
It's been a while, almost 50 years, but Austria clocked up their 2nd Eurovision victory with the much talked about song Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst.
Since Conchita is the winner, her page has moved up. Please go here at the Copenhagen Collection to find out all about Conchita Wurst and the releases, versions, charts and everything else about Rise Like A Phoenix.
Promo cds image
1 - 290 pts / 1 - 169 pts in semi 2
Conchita Wurst (Thomas Neuwirth to his mum) was chosen to represent Austria in the Copenhagen contest already in November 2013.
The song Rise Like A Phoenix was presented on March 18 in a morning radio show at Hitradio Ö3.
RLAP is written by Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali (Alexander) Zuckowski and Julian Maas.
Watch the video here. The song is released on iTunes and other digital sources.
A promo cds is issued including the Eurovision version and instrumental.

The CDsingle of this years winner is out now in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. (ORF/Heinzelmann)
The disc has the Eurovision version and karaoke.

Rise Like A Phoenix - Eurovision version
- on official Copenhagen 2CD, promo
Rise Like A Phoenix - Karaoke (is actually fully instrumental)
- on official Copenhagen 2CD, promo

More here

San Marino - Maybe (Forse) - Valentina Monetta

24 - 14 pts / 10 - 40 pts in semi 1
La Storia di Valentina Monetta continues. The Sammarinese singer was selected to represent the Italy-locked country for the third time in a row. And she took her country's result up again by reaching the final.
San Marino seems to be in no hurry, with five entries they have bettered the previous result just a little bit, but it's going up!
Promo single sleeve
The song for Copenhagen, written again by Ralph Siegel, is titled Maybe.
Lyrics are by Mauro Balestri, who also wrote the lyrics for Crisalide (Vola). Watch and listen here at the official Youtube.
An Italian version Forse is also recorded, the video of that one is here.

A digital release (March 6) features 5 versions of the song,
The same five versions are issued on a promo cds also including biographies, videos, lyrics, photos and other info. It comes in an 8 inch folder. (Sony / Jupiter 88843  061012)

Maybe - ESC version
Maybe - Radio version
Forse - ESC version in Italian
Forse - Radio version in Italian
Maybe - Dance version
- all digital release (Meteor music / Eurosong records), promo cds
Maybe (Forse) - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

A new album Sensibilità is out now and it includes three version of the Eurovision song
Maybe (Forse) (ESC-Version)
Maybe (Forse) (Radio Version)
Forse (Maybe) (Radio Version)
It also includes three versions of the title track Sensibilità and a duet with Vincenzo Monetta (of the Vincenza Monetta Trio) who is Valentina's brother.
Other duets are with Joshua de Cadenéx and with Sarah Jane Ghiotti.
The album includes 20 tracks in all, see full tracklist below.
The early rumour mill had Sensibilità as the title of the ESC entry, but in the end it became the titletrack of the new album.
Out on Sony / Jupiter (8441802652), digital out now (April 4), CD out since May.

Three In A Row: Third Time Lucky?
Not many artists have entered Eurovision three times in a row, but those who did all have a victory to their name.
Lys Assia (for Switzerland) and Corry Brokken (Netherlands) both entered in 1956, 1957 and 1958. Lys won the first contest, Corry the second.
Udo Jürgens sang three times consecutive for Austria. 1964 saw Warum Nur Warum finished 6th, but the song became a worldwide hit as Walk Away for Matt Monro. In 1965 Jürgens ended 4th and he completed his trio with the 1966 winner Merci Cherie.

More San Marino
In 2013 Valentina sang Crisalide (Vola) and she just missed out on a place in the final ending 11th in the thursday semi.
The much debated Social Network Song ended 14th in the tuesday semi in 2012. All included, 18 versions of the ill fated tune have been released.
Stand By sung by Senit ended 16th in the semi.
San Marino's debut entry was Complice by Miodio which ended last in its semi in 2008.

Links and sources:
Valentina Monetta's FB and website
Thanks to Jean-François and to Team Valentina Monetta.

Full tracklist Sensibilità
1. Sensibilità
2. Guardarmi ancora
3. Maybe (Forse) (ESC-Version)
4. Il grande risveglio
6. Il vento
7. Viaggio samba (Duet with Vincenzo Monetta)
8. Non mi vergogno più
9. Hotel
10. Per te
11. Molto di più
12. Di nuovo qui
13. Il coraccio per amare
14. Il fiume
15. A Kiss (Duet with Joshua de Cadenéx)
16. Sensibility
17. Maybe (Forse) (Radio Version)
18. Sensibilità (Hip Hop Version)
19. Se (Duet with Sarah Jane Ghiotti)
20. Forse (Maybe) (Radio Version)

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