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Sweden - Undo - Sanna Nielsen

3 - 218 pts / 2 - 131 pts in semi 1
Melodifestivalen 2014 is won by Sanna Nielsen who then represented Sweden in the Copenhagen Eurovision Song Contest with the song Undo.
The song is written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah..
It's the 7th Melodifestival(en) entry for Nielsen, so it pays to persevere.

Undo is released on cdsingle with an instrumental version as track 2.
(Parlophone 196122324)
On May 9 the cdsingle was released in Germany and some other countries.
Check out BeaRecords.
A digital release, the Undo EP features the Eurovision song and three other tracks: Rainbow, Ready and You First Loved Me.

promo box
The promo used in Copenhagen has the same 2-track cdsingle (with the first version) in a special box with info booklet and postcard.
The EU cdsingle has the new 'sad love' version.

New version
A new version with a few minor adjustments in the lyrics (replacing "Undo my sad" with "Undo my sad love" at the end of the refrain) has been released. It replaces the original single download releases and streaming version like Spotify.
The new version is also on the Copenhagen 2CD and the EU released cdsingle.

Six remixes have been released through iTunes and other (streaming) services like Wimp
see versions below.
See comments for some other remixes.

Pic from Sanna's Facebook
Album '7'
Sanna releases her new album 7 on June 30 (digital). The CD is in the Swedish shops on July 2nd.
The album includes Undo and an acoustic edit of the song. It also has the track previously released on the digital Undo EP. Full tracklist below.
(Parlophone / WMS 5054196218621)
EU cds

Undo - original MF version
- on CD Melodifestivalen 2014
Undo - new version
- On the official Copenhagen CD
Undo - Instrumental
- cdsingle, official karaoke album (digital release)
Undo - Brainbeaters radio remix
Undo - Brainbeaters remix
Undo - Eray Oktav and K-One Radio edit
Undo - Eray Oktav and K-One Extended
Undo - Peet Syntax and Alexie Divello Late Night Radio edit
Undo - Peet Syntax and Alexie Divello Late Night Club mix
- all remixes digital release
Undo - Acoustic edit
- on album '7 '

8 days before the MF final Undo entered the Swedish charts at no. 57, going up to no. 7 the day before the final. It reached #2, being kept off the #1 spot (in the official charts) by Ace Wilders Busy Doin' Nothin', the MF runner up.
Sweden top 60: [2-16]: 57, 7, 2, 4, 7, 10, 14, 18, 19, 34, 43, 9, 23, 38, 49, 59, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60* (Digital sales charts): 6, 1, 3, 4, 8, 8, 13, 12, 12, 16, 22, 3, 10, 17, 20, 25, 37, 56, 48, 38, 48, 44, 42
* The official charts in Sweden have gone crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart.
Belgium (Flemish charts): [25-2]: 25, 34, -
Belgium (Walloon charts): [48-1]:48, -
Denmark top 40: [5-3]: 5, 9, 39
Ireland top 100:[21-2]: 21, 99, -
Netherlands sales top 100:[21-1]: 21, -
France top 200:[131-2]: 131, 173, -
U.K. top 100:[40-1]: 40, -
Germany top 100:[32-1]: 32, -
Switzerland top 75:[11-2]: 11, 72
Austria top 75:[12-3]: 12, 54, 73
Australia top 100:[81-1]: 81, -

Sanna Nielsen in MF:
2001 Igår, Idag
- 3rd place in 10-song Melodifestival*, 32/3 hit
2003 Hela Världen För Mig
- 5th in MF final, written by G:son, 35/7 hit
2006 Du Och Jag Mot Världen 
- Duet with Fredrik Kempe, 8th in final, 20/7 hit        
2007 Vågar Du, Vågar Jag
- 7th in the final, via the second chance round (Andra chansen), 10/13 hit
2008 Empty Room
- 3rd place in the final, 2/20 hit
2011 I’m In Love
- 4th in the final, 32/3 hit
All Sanna Nielsens entries scored a hit in the Swedish charts, the biggest being Empty Room.
Her 2008 album Stronger was a no. 1.
* this was before the 32 song Melodifestivalen extravaganza format which had its debut in 2002.

Sanna's MF songs except Hela Världen För Mig and Undo can be found on a mid-price compilation CD 16 Bästa. Out on April 9 on MSE records.

Tracklist '7 '
1. Skydivin'
2. Breathe
3. Rainbow
4. Undo
5. All About Love
6. Trouble
7. Ready
8. You First Loved Me
9. Undo Acoustic Edit

A rock version (or Hardpop as they call it themselves) of Undo is released by My Remorse. Their version is released through your usual digital sources. And Spotify.
My Remorse facebook.

An instrumental  piano coverversion of Undo is released by Hugo Sellerberg. It's available through iTunes and other sources.

Dansband Highlights have recorded Undo for their album När Vi Är Tillsammans. (Atenzia records)
Highlights website

Melodifestivalen 2014
All 32 songs of the Swedish National Final, Melodifestivalen, have been released on a 2CD.
The 2 disc set went on sale at Statoil gasstations minutes after the 4th heat and will be in other shops a few days later.
Of course there will also be digital stores selling the 32 songs.
The official Melodifestivalen CD has been the #1 selling album of the year in Sweden every year since 2007.
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 it was #2, in 2003 it was #4, in 2002 it was #13.
Check out more statistics here at the Malmö Collection

More Sweden
Home entry You by Robin Stjernberg ended 14th in Malmö and ended #9 in the Swedish sales charts of 2013. 2012 is a success story not seen often in modern Eurovision. Loreen and her Euphoria won the Baku contest and went on to score the biggest hit in Europe for a Eurovision song for a long time. Euphoria sold over a million copies and was the best selling single of the year in Sweden, clocking up 9x platinum.
In 2011 the window shattering Popular by Eric Saade ended third, a welcome return to the upper echelons for Sweden.
In 2010 Anna Bergendahl got the dubious honour of being the only one not reaching the Eurovision final for Sweden. But This Is My Life was a#1 hit anyway.
La Voix, the classical pop fusion song by Malena Ernman reached the final, but only made it to #21 in Moscow. La Voix is the only song not to score a #1 hit at home since 2001.
For more Swedish MF / Hit statistics, please check last years Swedish post at the Malmö Collection.

Links and sources
Sanna Nielsen FB and Website
SVT MF pages
Sanna Nielsen and MF CDs at BeaRecords
Thanks to STHLM MIX

Full tracklist Melodifestivalen 2014 CD.
CD 1
1 To the End - Yohio
2 Aleo - Mahan Moin
3 Bröder - Linus Svenning
4 Casanova - Elisa Lindström
5 Bedroom - Alvaro Estrella
6 Songbird - Ellen Benediktson
7 Bygdens son - Sylvester Schlegel
8 Survivor - Helena Paparizou
9 Love Trigger - JEM
10 Hallelujah - The Refreshments
11 Glow - Manda
12 Efter solsken - Panetoz
13 I Am Somebody - Pink Pistols
14 Undo - Sanna Nielsen
15 Set Yourself Free - Little Great Things
16 När änglarna går hem - Martin Stenmarck

CD 2
1 Echo - Outtrigger
2 Red - EKO
3 Yes We Can - Oscar Zia
4 Burning Alive - Shirley Clamp
5 All We Are - State of Drama
6 En enkel sång - CajsaStina Åkerström
7 Busy Doin’ Nothin’ - Ace Wilder
8 Around the World - dr. alban & Jessica Folcker 
9 Blame It On The Disco - Alcazar
10 Fight Me If You Dare - I.D.A
11 Hollow - Janet Leon
12 Raise Your Hands - Ammotrack
13 Hela natten - Josef Johansson
14 Ta mig - Linda Bengtzing
15 En himmelsk sång - Ellinore Holmer
16 Natural - Anton Ewald


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