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Congratulations Conchita, Austria wins Eurovision 2014

Conchita Wurst is the winner of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest.
EU cdsingle
It's been a while, almost 50 years, but Austria clocked up their 2nd Eurovision victory with the much talked about song Rise Like A Phoenix by the even more talked about Conchita Wurst.

1 - 290 pts / 1 - 169 pts in semi 2
Conchita Wurst (Thomas Neuwirth to his mum) was chosen to represent Austria in the Copenhagen contest already in November 2013.
The song Rise Like A Phoenix was presented on March 18 in a morning radio show at Hitradio Ö3.
RLAP is written by Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali (Alexander) Zuckowski and Julian Maas.
The music for Rise Like A Phoenix is recorded by the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra of Budapest.
Watch the video here. The song is released on iTunes and other digital sources.
A promo cds is issued including the Eurovision version and instrumental, an official cdsingle is in the shops* since the week after the contest.
(ORF Shop / Medienvertrieb Heinzelmann 9008798135646)
* In Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rise Like A Phoenix - Eurovision version
- on official Copenhagen 2CD, promo, cds
Rise Like A Phoenix - Karaoke (is actually fully instrumental)
- on official Copenhagen karaoke album (digital release), promo, cds
Rise Like A Phoenix (DJ Ivan Santana remix)
- on DJ only CD DMC Commercial Collection 377: June 2014 
Promo cds image
In June a remix of Rise Like A Phoenix surfaced on a DJ only CD released by DMC.
The 2CD DMC Commercial Collection 377: June 2014 features the DJ Ivan Santana R N B remix.
More remixes can be found, but so far this seems to be the only one getting a release of some sorts.
DMC albums are DJ only, but deep in our hearts we're all DJ's and you can find the album for sale at Juno and other webshops.
DMC website
2015: Conchita The album
On May 15 2015 Conchita Wurst finally releases her debut album. Initial tracklists (iTunes!) did not include Rise Like A Phoenix but it seems that it will be on the CD after all.
The album also includes follow up singles Heroes and You Are Unstoppable.
There will be a regular CD release and a limited edition digipack issue. And of course the album will be available through your favorite digital stores.
See full tracklist below (Sony Music Austria 0888750538123 &  0888750538423 (digipack sleeve)
The album is also released in Russia (Sony Music Russia  0888751226326) and Australia (Sony Music Australia)
The digital release features two bonus tracks.


Conchita, the album is released in Japan on July 1st. The CD includes 4 extra remixes of You Are Unstoppable. (Sony Music Japan SICP 4462). See tracklist below

Rise Like A Phoenix enters the Austrian top 75 at 51 (April 4) but falls out the following week. Conchita re-enters the charts at #35 (published on May 16)* and goes to #1 after the victory (charts published 23-5).

Austria top 75: [1-16]: 51, -, 35*, 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 21, 24, 32, 41, 38, 52, 42, 58, 61, -
Denmark top 40: [6-2]: 6, 10, -
Belgium (Flemish charts): [8-4]: 8, 9, 45, 49, -
Belgium (Walloon charts): [19-2]: 19, 21, -
Ireland top 100: [10-2]:10, 47, -
Spain top 50: [8-3]: 17, 8, 41, -
Netherlands sales top 100: [3-2]: 3, 64, -
Sweden top 60: [27-2]: 27, 56, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): [2-4]:2, 2, 19, 23, -
- The official charts in Sweden have gone crap, with mainly Spotify as source. The Digilistan is now the main sales based Swedish chart. 
France top 200: [39-3]: 44, 39, 168, -
U.K. top 100: [17-2]: 17, 64, -
Germany top 100: [5-4]: 5, 38, 57, 55, -
Switzerland top 75: [2-4]: 2, 21, 44, 50, -
* includes sales up to friday before the final

That's What I Am
The singer already participated in the Austrian selection for the 2012 contest. The song That's What I Am ended up in the 2-song superfinal but lost out 49/51 to Trackshittaz Woki Mit Deim Popo.

Conchita's career took off in 2006 after a second place in talent show Starmania, finishing behind Nadine Beiler.
Debut single Unbreakable was a # 32 hit in the Austrian charts in 2011. NF song That's What I Am did even better reaching #12.

The songwriters
Charlie Mason already gave us L 'Amore È Femmina, the Italian 2012 entry by Nina Zilli.
Ali Zuckovski co-wrote and produced Hurt Lovers, the follow up single from Blue after their Eurovision hit I Can. He also wrote for MarieMarie and Betty Dittrich, both German National Final stars.
Julian Maas is a composer of musical scores for TV and film including several episodes of Tatort.

The yearly Kiddy Contest doesn't let us down. The Kiddy Contest vol 20 features a German language version of Phoenix titled Traume Sind Kino performed by Estelle Lath. (Sony 88843048942).

There's talent shows in Italy too, and Laura Fantauzzo performed RLAP at Giovani Talenti.
The album with young talents is released digitally through Top Records (November 17)

Another Italian singer is Antonio Cusimano who has RLAP as the second track to his digital single Tra Tegole E Cielo. (Out through Bao Bello music)

Some more: One bleepy  instrumental version ended up on a collection called Minecraft Note Block 
Songs 2 (No, I'm clueless). Another one with a heavy Spanish accent can be found on a 
compilation called Orquesta Television: Orquestas De Galicia.

Acapella septet Piccanto recorded a coverversion of I Am Yours for their album Seven. (Ariola).
The CD also includes a coverversion of Rise Like A Phoenix.
Piccanto are the winners of the Choir version of Die Grosse Chance, a talent show from Austrian TV.

Piccanto FB

There's some even trashier covers too. Even though they are released under different artists names, 
several are the same recording: Michael Green Ostin, Look up to the billboard, Mix factor, Singers Edge,
DJ Carlo showcase, Music Blits, Eurosingers, MacKo, The Bearded Ladies. Sigh....

The Hits In Austria
After a hesitant start, the victory propelled Rise Like A Phoenix to #1 of the Austrian charts.
Udo Jürgens' 1966 winner only made it to #2. Conchita's is the 5th Eurovision entry to go #1 in Austria.
Here's a list of the hits for Austria in the home charts. (Highest/Weeks on chart)
1976 - My Little World / Meine Kleine Welt - Waterloo and Robinson (1/20)
2014 - Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst (1/16)
1989 - Nur Ein Lied - Thomas Forstner (1/14)
1982 - Sonntag - Mess (1/12)
1984 - Einfach Weg - Anita (1/10) (The only one entering the charts at #1)
2018 - Nobody But You - César Sampson (1/....)
2012 - Woki Mit Deim Popo - Trackshittaz (2/16)
2015 - I Am Yours - The Makemakes (2/15)
1966 - Merci Cherie - Udo Jürgens (2/8)
1965 - Sag Ihr Ich Lass Sie Grüssen - Udo Jürgens (4/8)
1991 - Venedig Im Regen - Thomas Forstner (5/6)
2003 - Weil Der Mensch Zählt - Alf Poier (7/22)
1983 - Hurricane - Westend (8/6)
2011 - The Secret Is Love - Nadine Beiler (9/14)
2007 - Get A Life, Get Alive - Eric Papilaya (9/13)
1992 - Zusammen Geh'n - Tony Wegas (9/8)
1977 - Boom Boom Boomerang - Schmetterlinge (10/12)
2002 - Say A Word - Manuel Ortega (11/16)
1985 - Kinder Dieser Welt - Gary Lux (11/8)
2016 - Loin d'Ici - Zoë (13/13)
2017 - Running on air - Nathan Trent (18/2)
2005 - Y Asi - Global Kryner (23/16)
1990 - Keine Mauern mehr - Simone (23/5)
2013 - Shine - Natalia Kelly (26/3)
1988 - Lisa Mona Lisa - Wilfried (27/2)
1999 - Reflection - Bobbie Singer (30/3)
1996 - Weils D'r Guat Got - George Nussbaumer (36/1)
2004 - Du Bist - Tie-Break (44/10)
Austrian charts from Februari 1965, so we don't know the results of the very early entries. There also was no chart in 1972 so we don't know about the sales of 1972 entry Falter Im Wind. The other entries not in this list did not chart.

Charts range from a top monthly 10 in the 60's to the weekly top 75 that is published since 2001.
You can find all Austrian charts here at the charts portal.
For the list above some alternate sources have been used (Eurovison Collectors Guide editions 1989 to 2005)
Only four other Eurovision songs were #1 in the Austrian charts:
1967 - Puppet on a string - Sandie Shaw (UK)
1981 - Making your mind up - Bucks Fizz (UK)
1982 - Ein bisschen Frieden - Nicole (Germany)
2012 - Euphoria - Loreen (Sweden)

More Austria
Natália Kelly didn't make it to the final in 2013 with her song Shine and neither did the Trackshittaz in 2012 with their booty shaking Mühlviertel Rapfest Woki Mit Deim Popo.
A little more succes for Nadine Beiler. With her ballad The Secret Is Love Austria returned to Eurovision after a three year absence. She made it to the final and ended 18th. Beiler was the only one to make it to the Eurovision final from a semi for Austria, until Conchita came along of course.

Links and sources:
Conchita Wurst FB and website
Thanks to Jean-François and to René at Genie & Wahnsinn.

Tracklist Conchita
01. You Are Unstoppable
02. Up For Air
03. Put That Fire Out
04. Colours Of Your Love
05. Out Of Body Experience
06. Where Have All The Good Men Gone
07. Somebody To Love
08. Firestorm
09. Pure
10. Heroes
11. Rise Like A Phoenix
12. The Other Side Of Me
13. You Are Unstoppable (Phunkstar remix) (Japanese edition CD)
14. You Are Unstoppable (Drums of Death remix) (Japanese edition CD)
15. You Are Unstoppable (7th Heaven remix) (Japanese edition CD)
16. You Are Unstoppable (LTBC remix (Japanese edition CD)

Portugal - Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar) - Suzy

Promo cds
11 - 39 pts in semi 1
Portugal returned to Eurovision after skipping the Malmö edition due to limited cash.
The winner of the Festival da Canção 2014 is Quero Ser Tua (Como A Lua É Do Luar) (I want to be yours as long as the moon provides the light) by Suzy (Susana Guerra).
The song is written by Emanuel.
Listen and watch the semi performance here at RTP's Youtube channel.
The song has been released through Amazon, iTunes and other digital sources.
A 2 track promo is issued. It has the original version and karaoke version

Digital release image
Suzy was planning on recording Spanish, French and Russian versions of her song. Sheasked for the help from the fans to write the lyrics.
Not sure if these versions will see the light of day though....

Quero Ser Tua - ESC version
- promo cds
Quero Ser Tua - Original version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD.
Quero Ser Tua - Karaoke
- On the official karaoke collection, digital release

Who's Suzy?
With a simple name like Suzy Google is not your friend. But I managed to find a few things on the Portuguese singer.
As a kid she was a member of Onda Choc*, a kids group with ever changing membership.
In 1999 she has some success with Christmas single Nesta Noite Branca (This white night) with the popular portugese band Os Anjos*.
We've seen several girls and boys dress up as stewardesses in Eurovision history, but Suzy worked as a real air hostess for Emirates Airlines, !.

* Onda Choc recorded coverversion of Eurovision evergreens Non Ho L'Eta (Italy 1964) and Hallelujah (Israel 1979) for their 1992 CD Não Tenho Idade Para Amar-te.
Eurocovers fans know Os Anjos from their successful coverversion of the Spanish 1966 entry Yo Soy Aquel.

More Portugal
Half of the past four entries made it to the final. In 2009 Flor De Lis ended 15th and a year later Filipa Azevedo made it to 18.
Portugals answer to the Village People, Homens Da Luta and their shouty protest (or was it comedy?) song A Luta é Alegria failed and so did Filipa Sousa's Vida Minha.

Links and sources
Suzy Facebook and Facebook
Thanks to Jean-François and to Marek

Norway - Silent Storm - Carl Espen

Digital release image
8 - 88 pts / 6 - 77 pts in semi 2
The Norwegian selection Melodi Grand Prix was won by Carl Espen (Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen) and his song Silent Storm.
The song is written by Josefin Winther, who is Carls cousin.
The song has been released through your usual digital sources (Sony Music Norway).
Listen to the song here at Sony's Youtube.

CDsingle and EPK
On Carl Espens website a cdsingle is available.
It's a 1 track and the man is named Carl E on the sleeve.
You can find it in the Merch section on Carls website where you can also shop for a hoody and a t-shirt with the black and white image also on the cdsleeve and digital release images.
The promotional issue is the usual NRK Electronic Press Kit (EPK), one disc in a DVD case.
It features the song (mp3 at 192kb) and the instrumental version (wave file), biography, lyrics and pictures and Silent Storm Video

Picture from
Rykkinnfella Remix
On May 9 a remix of Silent Storm is released. It's the Rykinnfella remix by Alexander Austheim and Jean-François spotted it first on Amazon. It's also on Spotify.

Silent Storm - Eurovision version
- cdsingle, official Copehagen 2CD, EPK
Silent Storm - Karaoke version (is instrumental)
- on official karaoke album (digital release) and EPK
Silent Storm - Rykkinnfella Remix
- digital release

Denmark top 40: 28, -
Ireland top 100: 34, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 20, -
U.K. top 100: 97, -
Germany top 100: 47, -
Switzerland top 75: 40, -
Austria top 75: 39, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 21, 49

Last year DA works records came to the rescue when no CD was going to be released, but this year it's no such luck. The 15 songs from the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix are only released digitally (and separately).

More Norway
Alexander Rybak's Fairytale won the contest in Moscow breaking all kind of records in the process.
Home entry My Heart Is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangen didn't fair as well, ending only 20th. Even worse for Stella Mwangi in 2011, her Haba Haba didn't even make it to the final. Tooji's Stay made it to the final but ended last. Remarkable fact is that Stay was co-written by Peter 'Bassflow' Boström, who won the same contest by co-writing Loreen's Euphoria.
In 2013 Norway were back on track. The majestic I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger ended at no. 4 in the Malmö final.

Links and sources
Carl Espen FB and website
NRK Melodi Grand Prix pages
Thanks to Hmmmmm (see comments) and to Jean-François

Moldova - Wild Soul - Cristina Scarlat

16 - 13 pts in semi 1
Copenhagen promo (2nd promo)

Moldova was represented in Copenhagen by Cristina Scarlat.
Her song Wild Soul won the final of O Melodie Pentru Europa 2014. The song is written by Ivan Akulov and Lidia Scarlat.
You can watch the official video here at Cristina's Youtube channel.
An early 1-track promo is issued, it was used at the Amsterdam Eurovision In Concert event.

Wild Soul - Eurovision version
- 2nd promo
Wild Soul - Original version
- 1st promo, official Copenhagen CD
Wild Soul - Karaoke version
- on official karaoke album digital release

1st promo cds
The promo cds used in Copenhagen has Wild Soul in the version as performed at the contest. It also includes 4 other songs by Cristine Scarlat.
The sleeve also mentions video and other content, but it is not included.
1. Wild Soul (Eurovision version)
2. I Pray (Moldovan NF 2013)
3. Everyday Will Be Your Day (Moldovan NF 2011)
4. Volya
5. Refugiu In Iubire

In 2013 Cristina Scarlat participated in the Moldovan national final. She ended 3rd with the song I Pray by the same songwriters as for Wild Soul.
In 2011 she entered with Everyday Will Be Your Day. (12th place)

Picture from Teleradio Moldova (TRM)
More Moldova
Ever since everybody's favorite grandma Boonika stormed onto the Eurovision stage in 2005, Moldova have only missed the final once. But until now they never repeated the success of that brilliant first entry.
Pasha Parfeny (2012) and his protegée Aliona Moon (2013) both made it to 11th place.
Zdob Şi Zdub weren't So Lucky to better their 2005 result in 2011. Sunstroke Project ft. Olia Tira (2010) gave us the immortal Epic Sax Guy but only got to no. 22.
In 2009 Hora Din Moldova by Nelly Ciobanu ended 14th.

links and sources
Cristina Scarlat FB
TRM Eurovision
Thanks to Koen and to Jean-François

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Germany - Is It Right - Elaiza

18 - 39 pts / not in semi
Newcomers Elaiza won the German selection Unser Song Für Dänemark with the song Is It Right.
Elaiza are Ela (Elżbieta Steinmetz, vocals and piano), Yvonne Grünwald (accordion) and Natalie Plöger (bass).
The song is written by Elżbieta Steinmetz, Adam Kesselhaut and Frank Kretschmer.

A digital EP has Is It Right and Fight Against Myself, the other song Elaiza performed in the German selection. Also includes a video of Fight Against Myself (Heart Of Berlin records) and another song Without (Live At Emil Berliner Studios).
A 2 track cdsingle was released on March 28. It includes Is It Right and Fight Against Myself. (Heart Of Berlin 4250594901009)

March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings
In September 2013 Elaiza released an LP (Vinyl!) titled March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings. This LP features 8 tracks, including Is It Right, all acoustic tracks recorded on, you guessed it March 28. (Berliner Meister Schallplatten BS 1307).
I haven't found any other physical release than the Vinyl LP.

The release of Elaizas full album Gallery was planned for May but has been pulled forward to March 28.
It includes Is It Right and Fight Against Myself.
Gallery will also be released on vinyl LP, out May 2.
The album was also issued as a promo edition in card sleeve with the same tracklist.
There's also a Polish edition of the Gallery album, released through Magic Records.

Is It Right - Eurovision edit
- Official Copenhagen CD
Is It Right - Single version
- on cdsingle, CD Gallery, digital release
Is It Right - first recording
- on LP March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings
Is It Right - karaoke (of Eurovision edit)
- on official karaoke collection, digital release

Elaiza enters the German singles top 100 at 41. A week later Fight Against Myself also charts (one week at 50).
German top 100: [4-18]: 41, 4, 10, 9, 10, 11, 13, 13, 10, 8, 26, 35, 40, 49, 42, 61, 86, 99, -
Austria top 75: 71, - re: 48, 49, 50, 40, 14, 41, 54, 71, -, re: 72, -
Denmark top 40: [39-1]: 39, -
Ireland top 100: [83-1]: 83, -
Switzerland top 75: [43-1]: 43, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): [30-1]: 30, -
U.K. top 200: 161
Elaiza also scores in several charts in Poland and Slovenia.

Next to some lame copies of Is It Right by creative names like Eurosingers, Tikki Club and even Songcontest Singers, a collection of Dance remixes is released by the cheekily named Ariana Azalea. Their digital release includes
- Eurovision remix
- Extended Grand Prix mix
- Workout Gym Mix
- Karaoke edit
- Karaoke extended
- Drum Beats mix
- Acapella Vocal Voice mix
Not very good, basically singing in the style of Elaiza with added beats and synths.
Maybe Spotify is just enough, but it's also for sale at iTunes and Amazon.

For more release info on the entries of the German national final, please check this page at our facebook.

More Germany
In 2013 CascadaGlorious didn't do as well as expected for a singer with worldwide #1 hits on her name (21st place). Roman Lob fared much better. He was 8th in 2012.
Lena (2011) the artist formerly known as Lena Meyer Landrut (2010) has royally snatched Nicole's crown as German Empress Of Eurovision. She won in 2010 with Satellite and courageously sang 12 songs in the German selection a year later to end up with the broody Taken By A Stranger in Baku(10th place).
Alex Swings, Oscar Sings had a little help from supermodel Dita von Teese but it only got Miss Kiss Kiss Bang to place 20. But it inspired the Knight Rider, Baywatcher the Hoff, David Hasselhoff to record a fabulous coverversion. In Afrikaans! Find out more about thàt gem here at Eurocovers.

Links and sources
Elaiza Website and FB
Berliner Meister Schallplatten

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Greece - Rise Up - Freaky Fortune ft. RiskyKidd

Digital release image
20 - 35 pts / 7 - 74 in semi 2
Rise Up by Freaky Fortune ft. RiskyKidd is the Greek entry for Copenhagen.
The self penned song has been released through iTunes and Amazon in several territories (Panik records)
A 1-track promo is issued, it includes the Eurovision version and comes in a long folder sleeve (see pic below)
Listen and watch here at MadTV's Youtube.

Freaky Fortune are Nikolas Raptakis and Teo Pouzmpouri (Νικόλα Ραπτάκη and Θεόφιλο Πουζμπούρη).
RiskyKidd is a Greece born rapper from the U.K.
Freaky Fortune have been a duo since 2011 and released their debut single Our Destiny a year later. Follow up singles Stronger and This Summer This Life were radio hits in Greece.
In 2012 RiskyKidd had a club hit with a cover of Rick James' All The Time, a track by Playmen ft. Helena Paparizou, Courtney Parker and RiskyKidd.

Promo sleeve
Digital EP
Four versions are released on a digital EP on May 26.
The pack has the Eurovision version, radio version. Summer Nostalgia remix and Jazz version.
(Panik records / Minos)

Rise Up - Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen CD
Rise Up - Radio version (first version)
- digital release
Rise Up - Summer Nostalgia remix
- Freaky Fortune's Youtube, digital release
Rise Up - Jazz version
- on FF's Youtube, digital release
Rise Up - karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album, digital release

Ireland top 100: 73, -
Austria top 75: 67, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 32, 52, -
U.K. top 200: 110

More Greece
Greece hasn't missed a final since the semi final system was introduced and only missed out on the top 10 once in the past 10 years. (now that's changed in CPH, ed.)
In Malmö the promise of free booze took the bearded Koza Mostra and moustachiod Aganthonas Iakovidis to to number 6.
In 2009 Sakis Rouvas tried to repeat his 2004 no. 3 success but This Is Our Night ended 4 places lower.
Giorgos Alkaios and his Friends Opa'd to no. 8 in 2010. Watch My Dance by Loucas Yiorcas and Stereo Mike ended 7th in 2011. 2012's Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou despite having like 140 oh's, ended only 17th.

Links and sources
Freaky Fortune FB, Special Rise Up! FB
RiskyKidd FB
Thanks to Jean-François and to Bastiaan.

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Belgium - Mother - Axel Hirsoux

14 - 28 pts in semi 1
Axel Hirsoux has won the final of the Belgian Eurosong selection 2014 with the song Mother written by Rafael Artesero with lyrics by Ashley Hicklin.

The 56th Belgian entry for Eurovision was selected through the revitalized Eurosong series with a final on March 16.

It's the 4th Eurovision entry for Rafael Artesero. He wrote the Andorran entries of 2005 and 2006 and the Spanish entry of 2011.
For a list of his entries and preselection songs (20+!), check the Spanish post at the Düsseldorf Collection.

Digital release image
- on official Eurosong and Copenhagen albums.
Mother - Karaoke (is actually instrumental)
- on official karaoke album, digital release.
No cdsingle or promo disc was issued.

Mother enters the Ultratop at # 8. Nine Eurosong tracks made it to the top 50 (Flemish Belgian Charts).
A week later Hirsoux also enters the charts in Wallonia.
Belgian Ultratop (Flemish) top 50: 8, 7, 33, 41, 49, -, re: 38, -
Belgian Ultratop (Walloon) top 40: 32, -, re: 50, -

All (new) songs from the Belgian Eurosong marathon are released on a CD Eurosong 2014 (CNR Entertainment, out March 10). It also includes four potential entries by the artists that were axed in an early stage of the competition.
The digital release also features karaoke versions of all songs, not sure if they will be released on CD.
See tracklist below.

Newcomer Hirsoux released one other song in his career so far: a coverversion of Euphoria, Loreens 2012 Eurovision winner.
It has appeared on various digital compilations. The earliest is various artists collection Euphoria (Bif Artista records) released in July 2012.
Also available as seperate track.

More Belgium
Belgium qualified to the Eurovision final twice in the past five years. Tom Dices Me And My Guitar ended 6th in 2010 and last years Love Kills by Roberto Bellarosa ended 12th.
Copycat a.k.a. Patrick Ouchene (2009), Witloof Bay (2011) and Iris (2012) didn't make it to the final night.

Full tracklist Eurosong 2014
1. Bandits – One
2. Petra – Killer Touch
3. Day One – Who Ever You Are
4. Sil – What’s The Time In Tokyo
5. Yass – Need You Tonight
6. White Bird – Fire & Ice
7. Tisha Cyrus – Kitty Cat
8. Udo – Hero (In Flanders Fields)
9. Axeela – Chasing Rainbows
10. Axel Hirsoux – Mother
11. Nelson – Wild Side
12. Eva Jacobs – Nothing Is Impossible
13. Joyce – I Think I
14. Mr. Jones – Still Believe
15. 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana – She’s After My Piano
16. Jessy – Beautiful

Links and sources
Axel Hirsoux FB
VRT Eurosong pages
Thanks to Jean-François

Russia - Shine - The Tolmachevy Sisters

7 - 89 pts / 6 - 63 pts in semi 1
The Tolmachevy Sisters (Сёстры Толмачёвы, Masja and Nastya Tolmatsjeva) represented Russia in Copenhagen.
promo cds (see below)
The song is titled Shine and is written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philippe Kirkorov with lyrics by John Ballard, Ralph Charlie and Gerard James Borg. The lyrics to the Russian version are written by the sisters themselves.
promo front
The song is released through iTunes.
Listen to the song at the sistersYoutube. You can also listen to the Russian version.
You can download the Russian version at the Soundcloud of the producers Arnold Sound Studio.

A promo with audio and video is issued. It comes in a sleeve with a front (pic right) that folds away and reveals the sisters (top picture).
It includes:
Shine - Full version
Shine - Karaoke version
Polovina - Full version
Polovina - Karaoke version
Shine - Video

Digital release image
Shine - English Eurovision version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD, promo cds
Половина (Polovina, half) - Russian version
- both at the sisters Youtube., also on promo cds
Shine - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album, digital release. also promo cds
Половина (Polovina) - Karaoke
- on promo cds

The composers.
It seems an odd bunch of songwriters but they have some Eurovision entries between them.
Philippe Kirkorov (Фили́пп Кирко́ров, pictured in the top image) is of course known from Russia's second ever entry Kolbelnya Dlya Vulcana (17th in 1995) that he forgot to tell us was covered from a 1983 LP by Moldovan singer Anastasia Lazariuc.
Dimitris Kontopoulos (Δημήτρης Κοντόπουλος) composed many Greek (and a few Russian) National Final entries. With John Ballard Ballard and Ralph Charlie (Al Fahel) he wrote last years entry for Azerbaijan, Hold me by Farid Mammadov (2nd place). Ballard had a few Melodifestival entries in the 80's and worked with Ace Of Base.
Gerard James Borg co-wrote five Maltese entries and is a keen supplier of songs to national finals of any country that allows foreign songwriter input. Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, France and Iceland all had one or more Borg songs assimilated into their preselections.
He had 43 songs in the Maltese selection since1999, four songs in 2014.

In a way they already won Eurovision. In 2006 that is, and it was the Junior version. Their song Veseniy Jazz  (Весенний джаз, Spring jazzwon the kiddie contest in Bucharest, Romania. But the girls have grown a bit, and now they're in the competition for the grups.

More Russia
Russia has never failed to get to the Eurovision final. Dina Garipova ended 5th with her sincere song of peace and love for everyone. The evil grannies Buranovskiye Babusky partied their way to #2 in 2012.
Alex Sparrow (2011) ended only 16th and both Peter Nalitch (2010) and home entry Mamo by Anastasia Prikhodko (2009) ended at place 11.

Links and sources

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slovenia - Spet / Round And Round - Tinkara Kovač

25 - 9 pts / 10 - 52 pts in semi 2
Slovenia was represented by Tinkara Kovač with the song Spet (again) / (Round and Round).
The song is performed in a mix of English and Slovenian.
The song is written by Raay (Aleš Vovk), Tinkara Kovač, Hannah Mancini (Eurovision 2013) and Tina Piš.
Promo cds

Digital release image
Round And Round - ESC version (Slovenian/English) 3:00
- on official Copenhagen 2CD

Round And Round - Official ESC (Slovenian/English) 3:16
Spet - Slovenian
Round And Round - International (Slovenian/Italian/English)
Round And Round - English
Round And Round - ESC Karaoke
 - also on the official karaoke album, digital release
Round And Round - ESC Intrumental
Spet - Karaoke
Round And Round - International Karaoke
Round And Round - International F*G*Pella edit (flute, guitars and acapella)
- all above except the first one are on the promo cd-rom, see below for complete run-down of the tracks.

Spet / Round And Round - first bilingual version
- videoclip
Spet - instrumental (of first version)
- Tinkara's EMA Youtube

Tinkara promo (data cd) has 9 versions of her Eurovision entry plus a videoclip.
The audio tracks come in both mp3 and wave format.
1. Round And Round - Official ESC (Slovenian/English)
- This is actually the longer video version (3:16)
2. Spet - Slovenian
- also the longer version but in Slovenian only
3. Round And Round - International (Slovenian/Italian/English)
- also the longer version
4. Round And Round - English
- this is the 3:00 edit, as on the CPH CD, but in English only
5. Round And Round - ESC Karaoke
- 3:00 edit
6. Round And Round - ESC Intrumental
- 3:00 edit
7. Spet - Karaoke
- Slovenian karaoke longer edit 3:16
8. Round And Round - International Karaoke
- 3:16 karaoke of track 3.
9. Round And Round - International F*G*Pella edit (flute, guitars and acapella)
- same as the International version but with different instrumentation.
10. Videoclip
Great job figuring all that out Bastiaan!
- all 9 tracks now also as digital release (Amazon)

Pic from Rockonnet
Spet / Round And Round is Tinkara's 4th EMA song. Here's a list:
1997 Veter Z Juga (South wind)
- 10th place
1999 Zakaj (Why)
- 2nd place
2001 Sonce V Očeh (Sun in the eyes)
- 5th place in the EMA final

Since 1997 Tinkara has released eight albums and a greatest hits compilation. Zazibanke from 2013 is the most recent.

More Slovenia
In the past five years Slovenia made it to the final just once. Maja Keuc's No One finished 13th in Düsseldorf.
Quartissimo ft. Martina (2009), Ansambel Žlindra ft Kalamari (2010) and Hannah Mancini (2013) all finished 16th in their semi. Eva Boto (2012) finished 17th in hers.

Links and sources
Tinkara Kovač FB and Website
Tinkara's versions at her EMA Youtube
Thanks to Bastiaan

Friday, March 7, 2014

Denmark - Cliché Love Song - Basim

digital release image 
9 - 74 pts / not in semi
Basim (Anis Basim Moujahidwon the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with Cliché Love Song and represented the host country in Copenhagen.
The song is written by Lasse Lindorff, Kim Nowak-Zorde, Daniel Fält and Basim.
Here's the live performance (DR's YT)

After being noticed in Danish X-Factor 2008, Basim has released two albums when he was 15 / 16 years young. Alt Det Jeg Ville Have Sagt (All I would have said) in 2008 and Befri Dig Selv (Free yourself) in 2009.
His most recent release is a digital EP titled '5' from 2013.
He scored four minor hits in Denmark, the biggest being Lad Ikke Solen Gå Ned (Don't let the sun go down), a duet with Lis Sørensen which reached No. 15 in the Danish top 40.
Cliché Love Song is Basims first release sung in English.

Basim is using a bit of the F-word in the original version. EBU rules require a new version for the contest and the F word is replaced by the Another.
An acoustic version has also been recorded (release date 28-4)

Cliché Love Song - clean version
- on the official Copenhagen 2CD
Cliché Love Song - original
- on DMGP 2014 CD
Cliché Love Song - acoustic
- digital release
Cliché Love Song - Another version*
- digital release
Cliché Love Song - Rothmann remix
- digital release
Cliché Love Song - karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection, digital release
Cliché Love Song - instrumental
- on DMGP 2014 CD 
Of course all versions have (also) been released digitally.
No cdsingle or promo disc has been issued.
* This remix is actually named "Another version" 

Danish tracklisten top 40: 2, 2, 5, 7, 13, 10, 9, 9, 10, 3, 7, 20, 30
Spain top 50: 50, -
Ireland top 100: 38, -
Netherlands sales top 100: 71, -
Sweden top 60: 19, 9, 16, 30, 41
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 8, 11, 11, 17, 27, 51
U.K. top 100: 46, -
Germany top 100: 50, -
Switzerland top 75: 55, -
Austria top 75: 37, -


The CD with all entries to this years Danish selection, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is out now. All 10 songs are also included in their karaoke versions. (Sony)
The karaoke version of Basims Eurovision song is actually instrumental.

Tracklist DMGP 2014
01 Sonny - Feeling the You
02 Anna David - It Hurts
03 Basim - Cliche Love Song
04 Rebekka Thornbech - Your Lies
05 Glamboy P - Right by Your Side
06 Bryan Rice - I Choose U
07 Nadia Malm - Before You Forget Me
08 Michael Rune Feat. Natascha Bessez - Wanna Be Loved
09 Emilie Moldow - Vi Finder Hjem
10 Danni Elmo - She's the One

plus all versions in karaoke/instrumental

More Denmark
Of course we all know Denmark won the 2013 contest with Only Teardrops by Emmelie De Forest. But the Danish course of radio friendly pop tunes has paid off nicely in recent years. Denmark have made it to the final the past 6 years.
Soluna Samay(2012)  finished only 23rd, but A Friend In London (5th in 2011) and Chaneé and N'evergreen (4th in 2010) made top 5
Niels Brinck got a little help from Ronan Keating in 2009 and ended at no. 13.

Links and sources
Basim FB and website
DR Melodi Grand Prix pages
Thanks to Nissim 2901 (see comments)

Eurovision 2014 CD releases, cdsingles

Let's Get Physical
I know we're a breed on the brink of extinction, but some of us Eurovision fans still like to collect the CDs of our beloved event.
The digital era blah blah blah, etcetera. Here's a list of CD releases commercially available.
More details (also on promo's and digital releases) can be found in each countries seperate section.

CDsingles in the shops
The first cdsingle of the year is the one from Sweden, Sanna Nielsens Undo was released just before the national final (Melodifestivalen). A similar release is out in other countries since May 9.
At least (or: only) four other MF act have cdsingle releases: Yohio, Little Great Things, JEM and State Of Drama.
The Common Linnets (Netherlands) released a 1-track cd single when the song was presented. A 2 track cdsingle is out in Europe since may 30.
The German entry Is It Right by Elaiza got a cdsingle release on March 28.
The Norwegian entry cds is not available in the shops but can be ordered through Carl Espens website
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo released a cdsingle on April 20, Available at Fnac & El Cortes Ingles stores in Spain.
The week after the victory Austria's cdsingle is out in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, more to follow.
Romania's Miracle is also available in Scandinavian stores.

Official CD and DVD
The official 2CD including all 37 entries is released on April 11 on Universal / Polystar records.
It also includes Emmelie De Forests song Rainmaker which is the theme song for the Copenhagen contest.
The karaoke versions are released digitally or you can have a listen at Spotify.
The DVD release has 3 discs and is out in the first week of June. No Blu ray or other fancy issues are planned.

Compilation albums
The Nordics don't let us down, except Norway. Last year the Norwegian release was saved by DaWorks, but no such luck this time.
We'll have to make do with the compilations of Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.
A bit further south: Belgium and Hungary have also released their national final songs on CD.

Details on the releases of the German selection can be found here at our Facebook.

Artists albums 2014
Italy: La Mia Città can be found on the re-issue of Emma's Schiena CD titled Schiena vs. Schiena. In November Emma releases a live album including a live version of her Eurovision hit.
Netherlands: The Common Linnets album is out since May 9. It even charts in several countries (U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium) unprecedented for a Eurovision act.
Germany: Elaiza have their album Gallery out in May.
France: Twin Twin re-issue their album Vive La Vie now including Moustache. (April 14)
San Marino: Valentina Monetta releases her CD album Sensibilità in May.
Ovi (Romania) release his new album on may 5.
Lithuania: Vilija's album Attention! is out now.
Sweden: Sanna's new album 7 is out on june 30 in Sweden, July 4 in Germany.
Malta: Firelights album was planned for Februari but has been finally released in September.
Poland:Donatan and Cleo have finished their album Hiper Chimera, originally planned release was September, but we´ll have to wait a bit longer.
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo´s debut album Planeta Azul is out on novermber 29.

Of course In The Shops doesn't mean you can buy them anywhere or everywhere, but the avid Eurovision collector knows BeaRecords is the place to shop.

Monday, March 3, 2014

United Kingdom - Children Of The Universe - Molly

Digital release image, from Molly's Facebook
17 - 40 pts / not in semi
1 track promo cds
For the 4th time in a row the BBC have opted for an internal selection to find a Eurovision representative.
But this time they have gone for a new talent, Molly Smitten-Downes.
The song is titled Children Of The Universe, penned by Molly herself with Anders Hansson.

The song was officially released on April 28, no physical release though, although the picture is mentioned as 'official single sleeve' at Molly's Facebook.
She signed an album deal with Warner Music.
Two promo's have been issued. A 1-track promo in cardsleeve and a 4-track in plastic case. (Warner / East/West records).

4 track promo sleeve
Anders Hansson
Co-writer Hansson is known from several Swedish Melodifestivalen hits including Eurovision entry It Hurts  (Det Gör Ont) by Lena Philipsson (2004) and MF tracks by Alcazar, BWO and Agnes (Carlsson).
His first MF entry was Dansa I Neon by Lena Ph. from 1987, now a Swedish evergreen.

Club Mix
You can listen to a Scott Mills Club mix here at Molly's Youtube. Three remixes were released on April 27 (digital release). See versions below.

Children Of The Universe - Eurovision version
- Official Copenhagen 2CD, promos
Children Of The Universe - Karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital release)
Children Of The Universe  - Scott Mills Club mix
Children Of The Universe  - Scott Mills radio mix
Children Of The Universe  - Secaina Hudson remix
- remixes digital release on April 27, also on 4-track promo

Molly enters the U.K. top 100 at #48 the sunday before the contest week.
U.K. top 100: 48, 33, 23, 88, -
Ireland top 100: 87, 36, -
Denmark top 40: 37, -
Germany top 100: 94, -
Switzerland top 75: 63, -
Austria top 75: 63, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): 31, -

More United Kingdom
Jade Ewen was chosen to sing It's My Time, penned by Andrew Lloyd Webber and she gave the U.K. their best result since 2002. (5th). Josh Dubovie also got himself a song by a well known composer, but Pete Waterman and Mike Stocks That Sounds Good To Me didn't sound good to Europe. A measly 10 points and 25th place.
A new course led to the BBC overusing the defibrillators. First old Boyband Blue was revived, and with success. I Can ended 11th and scored a top 10 hit in several European countries. (No. 16 in the U.K.).
Engelbert Humperdinck was an even bigger surprise, but Love Will Set You Free only made No. 25.
In 2013 Bonnie Tyler was received with a lot of love in Malmö, but the points didn't come, she ended up with a 19th place and a measly No. 93 hit at home.

Pic from BBC's twitter

Links and sources
BBC Eurovision pages
Molly FB
Molly Website
Thanks to Jean-François.