Friday, March 7, 2014

Eurovision 2014 CD releases, cdsingles

Let's Get Physical
I know we're a breed on the brink of extinction, but some of us Eurovision fans still like to collect the CDs of our beloved event.
The digital era blah blah blah, etcetera. Here's a list of CD releases commercially available.
More details (also on promo's and digital releases) can be found in each countries seperate section.

CDsingles in the shops
The first cdsingle of the year is the one from Sweden, Sanna Nielsens Undo was released just before the national final (Melodifestivalen). A similar release is out in other countries since May 9.
At least (or: only) four other MF act have cdsingle releases: Yohio, Little Great Things, JEM and State Of Drama.
The Common Linnets (Netherlands) released a 1-track cd single when the song was presented. A 2 track cdsingle is out in Europe since may 30.
The German entry Is It Right by Elaiza got a cdsingle release on March 28.
The Norwegian entry cds is not available in the shops but can be ordered through Carl Espens website
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo released a cdsingle on April 20, Available at Fnac & El Cortes Ingles stores in Spain.
The week after the victory Austria's cdsingle is out in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, more to follow.
Romania's Miracle is also available in Scandinavian stores.

Official CD and DVD
The official 2CD including all 37 entries is released on April 11 on Universal / Polystar records.
It also includes Emmelie De Forests song Rainmaker which is the theme song for the Copenhagen contest.
The karaoke versions are released digitally or you can have a listen at Spotify.
The DVD release has 3 discs and is out in the first week of June. No Blu ray or other fancy issues are planned.

Compilation albums
The Nordics don't let us down, except Norway. Last year the Norwegian release was saved by DaWorks, but no such luck this time.
We'll have to make do with the compilations of Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.
A bit further south: Belgium and Hungary have also released their national final songs on CD.

Details on the releases of the German selection can be found here at our Facebook.

Artists albums 2014
Italy: La Mia Città can be found on the re-issue of Emma's Schiena CD titled Schiena vs. Schiena. In November Emma releases a live album including a live version of her Eurovision hit.
Netherlands: The Common Linnets album is out since May 9. It even charts in several countries (U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium) unprecedented for a Eurovision act.
Germany: Elaiza have their album Gallery out in May.
France: Twin Twin re-issue their album Vive La Vie now including Moustache. (April 14)
San Marino: Valentina Monetta releases her CD album Sensibilità in May.
Ovi (Romania) release his new album on may 5.
Lithuania: Vilija's album Attention! is out now.
Sweden: Sanna's new album 7 is out on june 30 in Sweden, July 4 in Germany.
Malta: Firelights album was planned for Februari but has been finally released in September.
Poland:Donatan and Cleo have finished their album Hiper Chimera, originally planned release was September, but we´ll have to wait a bit longer.
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo´s debut album Planeta Azul is out on novermber 29.

Of course In The Shops doesn't mean you can buy them anywhere or everywhere, but the avid Eurovision collector knows BeaRecords is the place to shop.

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