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Azerbaijan - Start A Fire - Dilara Kazimova

22 - 33 pts / 9 - 57 pts in semi 1
Dilara Kazimova (Dilarə Kazımova) won the Azerbaijani talent selection Böyük Səhnə (Big stage). The song for Copenhagen is titled Start A Fire and was presented on March 16.
7 track promo cds

The 'Amsterdam' promo
Start A Fire is written by Stefan Örn, Johan Kronlund and Alessandra Günthardt.
For Swedish songwriter Örn it's his 4th Eurovision entry for Azerbaijan. He co-wrote the entries from 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Watch the song here at's Youtube
The song has been released through various digital outlets like Amazon and iTunes. The first release also features the karaoke version of Start A Fire.
An Azerbaijani version is also recorded. It's titled Bir Qığılcım and you can listen here at Dilara's Youtube.
A Turkish version Alev Gibi is also recorded and can be heard through Dilara's Youtube.

Copenhagen promo DVD
- A promo cd-rom was made for use at the Amsterdam Eurovision In Concert event. It has audio (in mp3 format), video, and a biography (document).
- Another promo features 7 tracks including all versions of the remix EP and two Eurovision versions (although these appear to be the same track)
- A DVD in 7"inch sleevehas the English and Azerbaijani verrsions.

Remix EP
A new digital release (iTunes) includes five versions of Start A Fire
Start A Fire - Azerbaijan version
Start A Fire - Etostone Dubstep remix
Start A Fire - Etostone House Extended remix
Start A Fire - Etostone House remix
Start A Fire - live
You can listen to the remixes at Dilara's Youtube
Digital release image remic EP
Digital release image
Start A Fire - Eurovision version
- on official Copenhagen 2CD
Bir Qığılcım - Azerbaijani version
Start A Fire - Etostone Dubstep remix
Start A Fire - Etostone House Extended remix
Start A Fire - Etostone House remix
Start A Fire - live
- digital releases, promo(s)
Alev Gibi - Turkish version
- videoclip
Start A Fire - Karaoke version
- On the official karaoke album, digital release

Dilara Kazimova was a member of duo Milk and Kisses who participated in the 2010 Azerbaijani preselection. In the final they sang Drip Drop, Under My Skin and Cancelled, but it was Safura's version of Drip Drop that went on to the Oslo Eurovision.

More Azerbaijan
All Azerbaijan's Eurovision entries have made it to the top 10 (until CPH that is). After finishing 8th with their debut entry Day After Day it was just a few years to the first victory for the country in 2011.
In 2009 Always by Aysel and Arash finished 3rd, Safura finished 5th with Drip Drop in 2010.
The victory came in Düsseldorf with Ell and Nikki and their Running Scared. Home entry When The Music Dies by Sabina Babayeva ended 4th and Fit Farid took his Hold Me to No. 2.
You can also find some more on Azarbaijani entries here at the Baku Collection.

links and sources
Böyük Səhnə pages
Dilara's Eurovision talents pages and FB
Dilara's Soundcloud has some interesting coverversions
Thanks to Jean-François, to Bastiaan and to Maxim (see comments).

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  1. Maxim van OoijenMay 31, 2014 at 6:59 AM

    The Amsterdam promo has 4 photos, 1 mp3 song, 1 mp4 official video and a docx with 'official bio' (1 page, no lyrics).
    The Copenhagen promo has 7 tracks: the 5 from the remix EP + 2 Eurovision versions (can't hear the difference).