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Germany - Is It Right - Elaiza

18 - 39 pts / not in semi
Newcomers Elaiza won the German selection Unser Song Für Dänemark with the song Is It Right.
Elaiza are Ela (Elżbieta Steinmetz, vocals and piano), Yvonne Grünwald (accordion) and Natalie Plöger (bass).
The song is written by Elżbieta Steinmetz, Adam Kesselhaut and Frank Kretschmer.

A digital EP has Is It Right and Fight Against Myself, the other song Elaiza performed in the German selection. Also includes a video of Fight Against Myself (Heart Of Berlin records) and another song Without (Live At Emil Berliner Studios).
A 2 track cdsingle was released on March 28. It includes Is It Right and Fight Against Myself. (Heart Of Berlin 4250594901009)

March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings
In September 2013 Elaiza released an LP (Vinyl!) titled March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings. This LP features 8 tracks, including Is It Right, all acoustic tracks recorded on, you guessed it March 28. (Berliner Meister Schallplatten BS 1307).
I haven't found any other physical release than the Vinyl LP.

The release of Elaizas full album Gallery was planned for May but has been pulled forward to March 28.
It includes Is It Right and Fight Against Myself.
Gallery will also be released on vinyl LP, out May 2.
The album was also issued as a promo edition in card sleeve with the same tracklist.
There's also a Polish edition of the Gallery album, released through Magic Records.

Is It Right - Eurovision edit
- Official Copenhagen CD
Is It Right - Single version
- on cdsingle, CD Gallery, digital release
Is It Right - first recording
- on LP March 28: The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings
Is It Right - karaoke (of Eurovision edit)
- on official karaoke collection, digital release

Elaiza enters the German singles top 100 at 41. A week later Fight Against Myself also charts (one week at 50).
German top 100: [4-18]: 41, 4, 10, 9, 10, 11, 13, 13, 10, 8, 26, 35, 40, 49, 42, 61, 86, 99, -
Austria top 75: 71, - re: 48, 49, 50, 40, 14, 41, 54, 71, -, re: 72, -
Denmark top 40: [39-1]: 39, -
Ireland top 100: [83-1]: 83, -
Switzerland top 75: [43-1]: 43, -
Sweden Digilistan top 60 (Digital sales charts): [30-1]: 30, -
U.K. top 200: 161
Elaiza also scores in several charts in Poland and Slovenia.

Next to some lame copies of Is It Right by creative names like Eurosingers, Tikki Club and even Songcontest Singers, a collection of Dance remixes is released by the cheekily named Ariana Azalea. Their digital release includes
- Eurovision remix
- Extended Grand Prix mix
- Workout Gym Mix
- Karaoke edit
- Karaoke extended
- Drum Beats mix
- Acapella Vocal Voice mix
Not very good, basically singing in the style of Elaiza with added beats and synths.
Maybe Spotify is just enough, but it's also for sale at iTunes and Amazon.

For more release info on the entries of the German national final, please check this page at our facebook.

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Links and sources
Elaiza Website and FB
Berliner Meister Schallplatten

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  1. The compilation cd has a new 3.00 version, but there are already two different 3.00 versions dating from mid-March - one ends with an "is it right" and the other with "i can't go on, you can't go on". I don't know their source or if they are fan made.