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Romania - Miracle - Paula Seling and Ovi

12 - 72 pts / 2 - 125 pts in semi 2
Paula Seling and Ovi (Jacobsen)* got another chance to achieve Eurovision glory for Romania. Their song Miracle won the Romanian national final.
The duo already participated in 2010 with Playing With Fire and ended 3rd in Oslo.
The song is written by Ovi Jacobsen, Philip Halloun, Beyond51 and Frida Amundsen.
Listen here at Paula Selings Youtube channel.
The song is released on iTunes, Amazon and other digital sources. (DaWorks entertainment)

*Ovi has a few aliases. His birthname is Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu, he's also tried Ovi Martin and Bill Martin, but Ovi Jacobsen it is today.

Miracle - Original
- digital release, Copenhagen CD, cdsingle
Miracle - Karaoke
- on official karaoke album, also seperate digital release, cdsingle
Miracle - Acoustic
- on Ovi CD A Bit Of Pop Won't Hurt Anyone
For remix purposes you can download an acapella version at Soundcloud.

cdsingle and promos
A cdsingle sold as the "Official Souvenir CD single" has been released through DaWorks (DACDS 321)
It has three tracks
Miracle - Karaoke version
Playing with fire.
It's for sale through several Scandinavian shops like CDON, Klicktrack and Platekompaniet

A promo cdsingle has 4 tracks:
Miracle - Karaoke
Miracle - Acoustic
Playing With Fire

Another promo has three tracks
Miracle - Karaoke
Miracle - Acoustic

All discs come in similar (front) sleeves

There's also a promo USB stick-bracelet including
Hello Europe (video message)
Photos and bios.
USB bracelet

Remix Kit
A do it yourself remix kit is released through Amazon or cheaper at Klicktrack. Here's you'll find the seperate tracks to make your own remix.

Ireland top 100: 88, -
U.K. top 200: 174, -

A Bit Of Pop Won't Hurt Anyone
Ovi released a new album on May 5 and it's titled A Bit Of Pop Won't Hurt Anyone. It features Miracle, also in an acoustic version. Another highlight must be She's After My Piano the Belgian preselection song (see below), now a duet with Ovi and Paula. (DaWorks DACD717)
Full tracklist below.

Paula and Ovi's National Final attempts
Paula Seling in the Romanian national finals.
2008: Seven Days (3rd)
2004: Perfect (6th)
2003: Let's Go! (3rd)
1998: Te Iubesc (I love you) (4th)
Ovi in the Norwegian finals
2009: Seven Seconds (final, place 5 to 8 undisclosed)
2006: Better Side Of Me (stranded in the second chance round)

Hands Off My Piano
Ovi also has a song in the Belgian selection this year, together with Philip Halloun (who co-wrote Miracle), Simen Eriksrud and Cecelie Harboe he wrote She's After My Piano in 2011 for himself and Danish singer Ceelay, but it remained unreleased.
2 Fabiola ft. Loredana performed it in the 2nd Belgian semi final. Even though it didn't reach the final, it was the biggest hit of the Belgian selection.
update: Ovi and Paula recorded She's After My Piano for Ovi's new album.
Eriksrud was the producer of 2010's Playing With Fire.

More Romania
Since the semi's were introduced Romania has never missed the final and they made it to the top five three times since.
Paula Seling and Ovi had the best result in recent years: their Playing With Fire was #3 in 2010.
Elena Georghe only ended 19th in 2009 but she managed to pick up a few international hits afterwards.
Hotel FM (2011) was #17, Mandinga (2012) #12 and last years Cezars operatic acrobatics took Romania to #13.

Links and sources
TVR Eurovision pages
Team Miracle Facebook
Paula Seling Facebook
Ovi Jacobsen Facebook
Thanks to Jean-François

Tracklist Ovi album A Bit Of Pop Won't Hurt Anyone
1. Miracle - feat. Paula Seling
2. One Day
3. Girl - feat. Philip Halloun
4. She´s After My Piano - feat. Paula Seling
5. Dirty Beautiful
6. Calling You - feat. Paula Seling
7. We Got Something - feat. Paula Seling
8. Broken
9. Miracle (Acoustic) - feat. Paula Seling

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